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Drugs cost him everything

A 20-year-old will spend the next 1.5 years in prison for multiple drug infractions, including possession of methamphetamine and heroin, which he sold to feed his own drug habit.

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On the road with a professional bass angler

Outdoors Under the Rim

As much as I loved teaching and coaching, being retired does have its benefits. There is a liberty that allows me to say yes, rather spontaneously when needs arise within the family or with friends.

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Hellsgate Fire Department honored firefighter William "Bill" Warren Dupke

On Friday, the Hellsgate Fire Department honored one its own, firefighter William “Bill” Warren Dupke, who lost his nine-year battle with brain cancer in September.

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Judge balks at jail time demand

Judge Gary Scales overruled the prosecutor’s request for jail time and placed on probation a man who stole jewelry from his roommate to feed a gambling habit.

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Longhorns spike No. 1 Snowflake again

Payson’s volleyball team beat No. 1 Snowflake for the second time this season to put a stranglehold on the 3A East Region standings and all but wrap up a state tournament berth.

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Two men drown at Fossil Creek

One man tries to rescue other, both pulled under falls

Two men from California drowned at the popular Fossil Creek waterfall Saturday after one man went in to save the other from drowning and the current pulled both under.

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Payson's got Longhorn Pride for Friday's Homecoming celebrations

Brimming with hometown spirit, Payson got ready for Friday’s Homecoming game with a Thursday night bonfire and a joyful Friday Homecoming Parade.

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One voter shows up for pot debate

Backers of a ballot measure that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the state battled it out with critics at a forum set up by the Arizona Secretary of State’s office in Payson.

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Gila County Supervisor District 2

Incumbent Michael Pastor vs Reputlican tim Humphrey

Incumbent District 2 Supervisor Michael A. Pastor wants a third, four-year term. “I feel I am still young enough to do four more years,” said Pastor, a Democrat.

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Gila County Supervisor District 3

John Marcanti is seeking re-election as Gila County District 3 Supervisor because there are still things he’d like to do for the county. He was first elected in 2012.

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Domestic violence survivors tell their stories

Shot in the face and left to die on the side of the road. A loveless marriage filled with years of emotional and verbal abuse and threats to take away the children.

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Longhorn kicker a testament in courage

Kenny Ayres trembled as he put the ball on the tee. But the Payson High senior did a good job of hiding the nerves that overtook him as he prepared to attempt a crucial onside kick his Longhorns desperately needed to recover to have any hope of pulling off a miracle comeback.

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Fall is like life, like love

I stood on a tapestry of maple leaves, saturated, chromatically content. I murmured a little prayer to chlorophyll, sunlight, supernovae and anthocyanin. I’d found my maple grove — and impressed my bride. I had feared I would not find this spot — but now heaved a sign of relief watching her shuffle through the red leaves.

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Trout are coming

Life on the Fly

Trout are scheduled to be stocked into Green Valley Lakes during the week of Oct. 17 if projected cool water temperatures and pH levels allow. That is great news for all of us waiting for the trout to return to the lakes.

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Rim Country holidays – Columbus Day

Back When

The day marking the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas has been observed in the United States since Colonial times. The celebrations have ranged from large parades to no public observance at all, and it was not an official federal holiday until 1937. In 1970 the holiday was fixed by Congress as the second Monday in October.