Couples announcements December 28, 2010



Miller and Bethurem

Michael Miller, the son of Lee and Cheryl Miller, a member of the Belluzzi family which pioneered in the Rim Country, married Alissa Bethurem, the daughter of Randall and Tammy Bethurem Nov. 27, 2010 in Henderson, Nev. The groom is originally from Bellingham, Wash., but currently resides in Henderson. The bride is originally from Billings, Mont., but also now makes her home in Henderson. Dean Sanner officiated at the ceremony, where the couple’s honor attendants were Brandy Bethurem and Bradley Eisenstien. Also attending the couple were Priscella Bethurem and Stacey Barbeau, Robert Bethurem, Jeremy Mcguire and Colter Bethurem. A reception in Henderson, Nev. followed the ceremony.