The North Sea and London...again


Todd Arnold 9 years, 8 months ago

It's been 5 days since I last updated you and so much has happened. On Wednesday the 16th we went up north to Holt and boarded the North Norfolk Railway steam engine train for Weybourne. In Weybourne, we set out on foot, first to the Sheringham Park National Trust site. It featured a 360 degree view gazebo on top of a hill that had 113 steps up. The view of the North Sea coast and the Norfolk countryside was fabulous. From their we hiked the coastal footpath along cliffs above the North Sea to the next train station in Sheringham. What a wonderful walk. We then took the train back to Holt for the end of a great day. Friday, the boys and I visited the village "bowling green" and watched a lawn bowling game of the Haddenham Bowls Club, which has been meeting for over 100 years! We arranged to learn how to play and "give it a go" (as they say here) next week, probably Friday. On Saturday we used our family rail pass to head down to London for our second all-day trip there. After about 1 1/2 hours on the train (75 miles,) we arrived at the King's Cross station and took the underground to Westminster, where we toured the Westminster Abbey - the location of the coronation of every monarch since William the Conquerer (William I) in 1066! Awesome! Most of the Kings and Queens are buried there too! Kind of creepy! After that, we saw Buckingham Palace (Elizabeth II was too busy for tea!), the Royal Mews, Hyde Park, Harrod's department store and Kensington Gardens. Tried to get in to see Tony Blair at "10 Downing Street" but he was tied up, too, according to all the security people! Today (Sunday) we went to church in Cambridge, then visted the Wimpole Hall and Farm. It was a great place and also featured, today, a reenactment of a skirmish from the Jacobean revolt (mid- 1700's) when the Scots(Rebels) and the English (Redcoats) went at it. Tonight we watched the film "Miss Potter" with the Innes' (owners of the place we are staying - the Old Porch House) which was especially interesting for us since we will be seeing Beatrix Potter's house in the Lake District in a few weeks. (Beatrix Potter, by the way, is the author of the children's books featuring Peter Rabbit and Jemimah Puddle Duck.) Tuesday I plan to spend some time at Westfield House - the seminary of the Ev. Lutheran Church of England - to prepare for the sermon I will preach at Resurrection Lutheran in Cambridge next Sunday, Pentecost Sunday. Wednesday will be my 50th birthday! Will update you again soon... Todd


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