Time is Flying!


Todd Arnold 9 years, 7 months ago

It hardly seems possible that June is here and we are nearly two-thirds finished with our sabbatical trip. We have just 11 days left here at Old Porch House in Haddenham in the Cambridge area before we head north to Yorkshire and the Lake District. We've settled into a bit of a routine. School - which ends this week - in on Mon., Tues., Thurs. and Fri. mornings. Tuesday is my day at Westfield House (Lutheran Seminary in Cambridge)for tea with the staff and study time. Wed. is our big day out, Thursday is Market Day in Ely and shopping at the supermarket and Sunday is church and "visit Cambridge" day. This past Wednesday we went to two National Trust properties, the first - a Tudor (1500's) mansion near King's Lynn in Norfolk and the second a Georgian (1700's) townhouse in Wisbech. Both had wonderful gardens and so much history. The Peckover faimly in Wisbech were a Quacker family who ran the Pecover Bank and were huge supporters of the Abolition of Slavery Movement in England in the late 1700's. They were the financial supporters of Thomas Clarkson of Wisbech who is featured along with William Wilberforce and John Newton in the Movie "Amazing Grace." (2007 is the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in England in 1807.) Friday we went to a Farmland Museum in nearby Waterbeach located at a former Abbey of the Knights Templar built in the 1100's. Saturday at the market square in Ely they had a special "French Market" and we spent the day alongside the River Great Ouse and walking around the city of Ely. (We found an indoor pool that we will probably go to on Monday after school.) Today - Sunday - there was a baptism at church. One of my seminary professors, Dr. Robert Rosin from St. Louis, was there, also.(He will be teaching a 4-week course there at Westfield House. It's a small Lutheran World!) After chruch we walked down to the city centre (that's how they spell it!) of Cambridge and took an open-top double-decker bus tour through the city. It was such a beautiful day and the trip was just marvelous. In my studies of the life and work of C.S. Lewis, I am now reading the book "God in the Dock." I finished Lewis' "Pilgrim's Regress", an allegory of Lewis' spiritual journey from atheism to Christianity. I was inspired to write an allegorical story of my own which will be based on the common "all paths lead to God" post-modern notion that is so prevalent today. It's starting to take shape but I'm working on it in my spare time - I have a bit of that here for the first time in long time! Till later - cheers! Todd


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