The Arnolds are On the Move!


Todd Arnold 9 years, 7 months ago

Before I update you on the last few days, I wanted to let you know that over the next few weeks we will be on the move and less likely to have internet access. Communication may be a little less frequent. We'll do the best we can. I'll close, later, with our internary. This weekend there were some activities at the Church in Cambridge that we participated in. On Friday they held a pizza party as a farewell to departing students at Westfield House. It included a talent show. Somehow, I convinced Nathan to play his song on the piano that he does both "forwards and backwards." The wonderful people there even included us in the farewell since this past Sunday was our last in Cambridge. After 8 weeks, we did make some friends. (Hopefully, maybe some will visit Arizona someday!) On Saturday our kids participated in a "football match" (that's English for "soccer game") between the Westfield House students and the Youth of Resurrection Lutheran (plus some ringers from Luther-Tyndale Lutheran Church in London!)at a wonderful park in Cambridge. It was a lot of fun. On Monday, we went to visit a place we saw during our bus tour of Cambridge last week: the Cambridge American Cemetary. It is a wonderful and most moving place, where many American soldiers who perished in WWII in Europe are buried or memorialized, including Joseph Kenenedy, Jr. and the band leader, Glenn Miller. On Tuesday, we took one last trip to the North Sea at Sheringham and visited another National Trust site nearby in Felbrigg, Norfolk. Thursday we leave the Old Porch House and Haddenham after 8 weeks. We will stay in the Yorkshire area for two nights at a bed and breakfast, stopping first to visit Sherwood Forest of Robin Hood fame (a stop on our English Literature tour!) Then we will spend a week in the Lake District (Pine Lakes resort near Carnforth). Beatrix Potter's home is definitely on the agenda. After two days in Manchester to visit our friends, the Jackson family, we will spend the last two weeks in the Oxford area, so that I may continue my C.S. Lewis studies.
We have 2 months down and one to go... Blessings to all, The Arnolds


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