Off to a great start!


Todd Arnold 9 years, 9 months ago

After a 10-hour flight from Phoenix to London, the Arnold family began our 3-month clergy family sabbatical by making our way through customs, retrieving our 8 checked bags to go along with our 5 carry-ons and crammed into our rental car with the steering wheel and the stick shift on the wrong side of the car and made out way out into the streets of London driving on the opposite side of the street. after that, the first few days have been great. After a night near the airport, we checked into our home for the first two months of our trip: the wing of an Elizabethan long-house (built in 1600) called the Old Porch House in Haddenham just outside of Cambridge. On Sunday the 15th, we worshipped at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Cambridge and walked around the university a bit. We ate at pub called The Three Kings in Haddenham which was absolutely fabulous and went to a market for some groceries.
On Monday the 16th we visited Ely (pronounced Ee-Lee) which is only about 7 miles from the Old Porch House. Ely used to be called the Isle of Ely because it was surrounded by marshes called The Fens. The marshes were drained to become some of the most fertile agricultural ground in England. (Ironicic that they are pumping water away when we could use it so badly, isn't it?) While in Ely we visited a house lived in by Oliver Cromwell who was Lord Protector of England in the mid-1600's during the English Civil War. We also got to see the Ely Cathedral which is quite grand considering the relative small size of Ely. The Cathedral was built mostly in the 1200's. That's old! For the next three days, I will be attending the International Congress on Preaching held at Cambridge University and historic St. Andrews Baptist Church. Kathy and the kids will resume thier home-schooling studies while I'm in the conference. Will write again soon.


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