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Todd Arnold 9 years, 9 months ago

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, I was privileged to attend the International Congress on Preaching sponsored by Preaching Magazine. Sessions were held at St. Andrew's Street Baptist Church in Cambridge and at the Emmanuel College of Cambridge University across the street. The conference was fabulous with over 400 pastors from 12 different countries. Be ready for some real "fire and brimstone" preaching when I get back because I've been learning from the best of them!! Kathy and the kids resumed their homeschool in our home-away-from-home, the Old Porch House. In the three acre garden (the back yard) there are an amazing number of new plants and wildflowers...everything is so green. So botany lessons have been the most fun. On Friday we will do the first leg of our "English Author Literature Tour" as we plan to travel to Huntingdon, about 15 miles west of here, to see the home of author Lucy Boston: the Manor at Hemingford Grey. The home is the setting for her children's books, "The Green Knowe" series. The kids and I together read the first book of the series. The house in the story is called "Green Knowe," but is actually the manor at Hemingford Grey. We're looking forward to this side trip. I must tell one story on myself that ONE DAY...not now...I will laugh at. While at the conference today (Thursday) I picked up my sack lunch and decided to eat it while sitting along side the River Cam. [Cambridge is named after the first bridge that crossed the Cam...the Cam Bridge] Anyway, the scene was so idealic...the ancient college halls lining the river...the people punting (riding in long flat boats)that I decided to take a photograph, which I did. But while putting my camera back in my brief case, my cell phone dropped out of my shirt pocket and fell...ever so slowly ...to the bottom of the River Cam. I owned it all of three days...we bought it on Monday in Ely. Oh well.... The weather has been fabulous in the 60's and 70's with no rain yet, but rain is in the forecast for next week. We've enjoyed many long walks in the English countryside in every direction from our house and are even able to walk to the grocery store less than a mile away. Will write again early next week. Todd and the Arnold family


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