Walking in the Footsteps of C.S. Lewis


Todd Arnold 9 years, 9 months ago

On Tuesday (4/24), while Kathy and the kids were doing their homeschool studies, I headed for Cambridge with my copy of "C.S. Lewis' Cambridge" in my hand and began the walking tour that would have me trace the footsteps of this world renowned Christian apologist. I began at Magdalene(pronounced Maud-lin) College of Cambridge University where Lewis taught from 1955-1963. I got to see the chapel where he went to daily chapel services, the classrooms in which Lewis tutored, the Fellow's Garden where he went for a stroll or to sit and read, and the church where he worshipped. The tour even included the Pickerel Inn - his favorite Cambridge watering hole (Pub) It was only 10 am, so I'll have to go back if I want to down a pint in my favorite author's favorite pub. After my tour I had tea and some nice discussion with the faculty at Westfield House - the seminary of the Ev. Lutheran Church of England (ELCE). Rev. Reginald Quirk (how British!) is the preceptor. The ELCE consist of only 14 churches thourghout Great Britain. On Wednesday, we purchased a family rail pass in Ely so that we can take several train trips into London while we are here. We haven't decided when our first trip to London will be yet. In the afternoon, we took a walk to a large windmill about a mile south of downtown Haddenham. The windmills were built to drain the fields back in the days when the area was primarily marshes (fens). They were drained hundreds of years ago to make available some of the most fertile agricultral land in all of England. There is still some draining that goes on even today. Will continue to update as needed. Todd, Kathy, Emily Nathan and Tim.


Alice McCrory 9 years, 9 months ago

Hello Arnold Family!

Tom and I are enjoying following your travels in England. I am inspired to check out some CS Lewis myself. All is fine here with us. Our biggest news is that the cat that adopted us (walked in the doggie door right past both terriers like she owned the place) had kittens Monday night.

Cheers! (with love) Alice and Tom


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