Meeting with English Pastors


Todd Arnold 9 years, 8 months ago

After an extended weekend celebration of Kathy's birthday, we settled back into a routine a bit. With Kathy and the kids back to homeschooling, I was invited to attend a conference of the pastors of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England (14 churches including one in Wales and one in Scotland). So on Tuesday I rode down with three tutors (professors) from Westfield House in Cambridge to St. Andrew's Lutheran Church in Ruislip, a suburb of NW London. The meeting was very interesting. We spent significant time studying the Word(first an Old Testament passage, then one from Revelation) in addition to attending to their business. It was a very international meeting. One pastor was from Brazil, one from Nigeria, one from Austrailia, one from Canada, one from Scotland, a few were from the United States and the rest from England. On Wednesday, I helped the kids with their math again, before I headed to Cambridge, first to join the Westfield faculty for their morning tea and discussion, then heading off to spend some time at the Samuel Pepys Library at Magdelene College of Cambridge University. I also purchased "God in the Dock" - a collection of essays by C.S. Lewis - at Heffer's Bookstore across from Trinity College in Cambridge where Lewis, himself, used to buy books in the 50's. Thursday I spent the entire day with the Arnold family homeschool. While we are in England, the kids are completing their math for the year, then they spend an hour doing English history (they're going through the Kings and Queens of England now), then English literature (we're sampling various British authors), then English botany which includes walks in Cambridgeshire countryside.
Saturday we plan our first train trip (about 65 miles) to spend a day in London. You'll read about that in the next edition of "Arnold Family England Sabbatical." Cheers mates!


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