The Country...the City...the Arts!


Todd Arnold 9 years, 8 months ago

Friday was our day in the country. After school, we went to a place only six miles from the Old Porch House in Haddenham called the Wicken Fen, a National Trust property. It is actually a very large (500,000 acre) nature preserve. We walked the boardwalks through the former marshes (fens) and trod upon the muddy paths, pausing to gaze at wildlife from "hides," which are wooden shacks. The wildlife we saw and photographed included numerous birds and koniks, which are wild horses. Saturday was our day in the city as we spent the day among the 12 million residents of greater London - truly a world class city! We took the train from Ely to London. In London, at King's Cross station we saw "Platform 9 3/4" from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books. (a stop on our Literature Tour.) We made our way through the city using the "Undergroud" - London's subway system. We started the day at the Tower of London, which served as the palace for the monarchs of England from the 1070's (William the Conquerer) through the time of Henry VIII in the 1500's. It was at the Tower of London that Henry VIII beheaded two of his wives. We took a guided tour from the "Beefeaters" and had lunch on the tower grounds. From the Tower of London we crossed the Tower Bridge and walked past London Bridge on the Queen's Walk to William Shakespear's reconstructed Globe Theatre (another stop on our Literature Tour.) Then, after another "Undeground" trip, we saw the House of Parliment and Big Ben...what a thrill! We know we will be back to London in a couple of weeks to see more of this marvelous city. Sunday, after church at Resurrection Lutheran in Cambridge and a picnic at Westfield House, we walked down to the Fitzwilliam Art Museum, part of Cambridge Universtiy, where we viewed paintings by impressionists Renoir and Monet, a sculpture by Rodin, and about five of Pablo Picasso's paintings. After the Museum we went to an Evensong Service at Cambridge University's magnificent King's College Chapel, featuring the world renowned King's College Boys Choir, to end what turned out to be quite and "artsy" day.
Each day has been as exciting and different than the next...and we still have so much more to see and to do. How blessed we are to be seeing and doing all this! Till later... The Arnold's


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