Is It Labor Day Already? No, it's "Labour" Day(UK)!


Todd Arnold 9 years, 8 months ago

Monday, May 7 in England was Labour Day-a "bank holiday" as they call days off work and school here. May 7 is also our wedding anniversary. Our kids didn't have a day off school, but after a half a day of homeschool, we headed off to the Houghton Mill about 20 minutes east of Haddenham near St. Ives. The mill in Houghton has been milling grain at that site since 974 A.D. Wow, that's a long time! The mill is still in operation today powered by the flow of the River Great Ouse. After touring the mill, we walked a footpath along the river towards St. Ives that went thorugh a heavily wooded thicket.(As I was going to St. Ives...does anyone remember that riddle?) It rained for a portion of our walk, but you could hardly believe how green everything was. We even saw a swan in the reeds that was sitting on a very large nest with 6 or 7 eggs in it. In the evening Kathy and I went for dinner to celebrate our 19th anniversary. Tuesday was study day for me. I spent some time today at the Westfield House Library and at the library of Trinity College - Cambridge Univ. Trinity's Library is housed in a building built in the 1700's and designed by Cristopher Wren. On display there was an 8th century manuscript of Paul's Epistles, hand written in Greek, as well as a first edition book (1687) of Isaac Newton's "Principia Mathmatica," the book that gave birth to modern physics and contains the explanation of the three laws of motion and the laws of gravity. Newton was a student a Cambrigde in the 1660's. Today I finished C.S. Lewis' book, "The Problem of Pain." In it, Lewis attempts to answer the question, "If we have an omnipotent and loving God, why is human pain so prevalent?" Is God not powerful enough to prevent pain or loving enough to not allow it? Lewis shows how divine omnipotence and divine goodness prevail even amidst our human depravity and wickedness (the cause of most suffering). Our free will also brings on a lot of our human suffering. My next Lewis book is "Letters to Malcom - Chiefly on Prayer" It contains reflections on the intimate dialogue between man and God known as prayer. It has been really chilly and rainy the last few days. Up to now the weather has been really great. That's a wrap for today... TA


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