10 Trends in Historic Preservation


Tim Ehrhardt 9 years, 8 months ago

These trends were according to Jim Garrison, the Arizona State Historic Preservation Officer, as presented at a workshop a couple weeks ago. And to the list...

10 - Acorn street lamps and brick sidewalks - Sure, these didn't occur naturally, but they sure do look old, or do they?

9 - Demolishing the recent past - The old Valley National Bank building on ASU's campus would be an example.

8 - Place making without look at what the actual history was.

7 - Moving from section 106 to section 110 - That's a bureaucratic reference that essentially means moving from reactivity to proactivity.

6 - Combining historic preservation with sustainability

5 - Traditional infill by putting a big touch of the past into new buildings in historic areas.

4 - Heritage/Cultural/Civic Tourism, is in

3 - Historic Districts - Arizona has 159 of these, ranging from nearly 3 to almost 1200 buildings in any given one.

2 - Private property rights are in

1 - Faux is in - "You get a very false appearance with real rock" - a Fiberglass Industry representative

Note: He didn't judge these, just said they were trends. What do y'all think?


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