This is the last string on education..


Tom Garrett 5 years ago

I'm going to quote just part of the front page article on the next step in the conspiracy to hand public tax money over to private business. I will comment under each quoted paragraph. Then I'll add a second post.

"Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer recently appointed a 17-member group to the Arizona Ready Education Council. The group will monitor implementation of reforms that will grade every school based on student test scores, link teacher evaluations to test scores and boost the share of third-graders performing at grade level from 73 percent now to 94 percent. The reforms also aim to increase the high school graduation rate from 75 percent to 93 percent."

(Please read next paragraph.)

"Gov. Brewer appointed former Intel Corp. Chairman Craig Barrett to head the new Arizona Ready Council, in addition to an array of business and educational leaders from across the state."

(There you go, corporate America begins its takeover.)

"O’Brien said he supports the reform plan’s goals, the involvement of businesses and corporations in setting school standards..."

(He dare not say anything else, though he does his best to show why the "program" won;t work.)

"The reform plan embraced by Gov. Brewer and state Superintendent of Education John Huppenthal attempts to address some of those concerns, with tough new standards and potentially serious consequences for schools whose students fail to hit the benchmarks in core subjects, mostly reading and mathematics."

(The "benchmarks" are that 100% of all students who are not special ed must be at grade level. A total impossibility."

"Barrett said schools should pay more for teachers with hard-to-find qualifications like math and science and emulate charter schools, which don’t have to abide by the rules concerning teacher training and credentials that affect public schools."

(By his own admission, businesses will not hire trained teachers.)

"...on the whole, charter school students don’t do any better on standardized test scores than public school students..."

(And there's the well-known and proven evidence that the "program" does not work.)


Tom Garrett 5 years ago

Having read what the Governor is doing, this will be the last string I start concerning schools and education.

I'll tell you why, very simply and very bluntly:

The Republican Party is conspiring to turn public education over to business. NCLB is the keystone of the conspiracy. It consists of a law which requires schools to do the impossible (increase the intelligence of students), a set of goals which require schools to teach things which cannot be taught, other goals which require schools to teach things no one needs to know, a set of test criteria written to create tests which are invalid measurements of learning, a plan to fail schools and turn them over to business, the use of federal tax money to lure states into joining the conspiracy, and a public which for some reason seems totally blind to what is happening.

Apparently our state and federal governments are firmly under the control of Corporate America. Under the circumstances, what's the point of discussing a school system which within the next ten years will cease to exist?


Pat Randall 5 years ago

Tom, Maybe they will dumb down the requirement of the classes and everyone will pass with flying colors. Make them look good.


Melissa Durbin 5 years ago

I guarantee corporate America would have not purchased a Jungle Gym! I love free enterprise.


Pat Randall 5 years ago

Now they have a ditch dug for someone to fall into and guy wires on some of the poles to trip over. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I wonder who the leader of the band was that decided this was a great thing for the school?

Anyone that has seen the jungle gym and thinks it is a great thing please let us know why.


Tom Garrett 5 years ago

"I guarantee corporate America would have not purchased a Jungle Gym!"

Thanks for the comment, but I don't understand what you meant by it. Could you perhaps explain it just a bit?

"I love free enterprise."

So do I.


Pat Randall 5 years ago

I found out yesterday the ditches are to be covered with wire and kids are to crawl thru them. Sounds great to me. What happens when an overweight kid gets stuck in one them? Is a teacher going to help get them out?


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