A Mac feature that amazed me.


Tom Garrett 4 years, 3 months ago

Anybody out there using a Mac with OS-X in it?

I've run across a feature that I'm sure nobody ever finds, and it's so great I thought I would mention it very quickly for anyone else who uses a Mac.

Open a document. Type a word. Put your pointer over the word. Do not click on the word or select it. Instead, while the pointer is over the word, hold down the Control and Command keys and press the D key.

A small tab will open right by the word, with its correct spelling and meaning. You can let go of the the keys and the tab will stay open. If you click on the More button you will get the entire dictionary page, plus the entire thesaurus page below it as you scroll. If you click anywhere else the tab will go away.

You can move right down a sentence word by word if you like.

Because the tab is so small and so fast it is the best way I have ever seen to check a word. If you are looking for just the "right" word, type anything that's close and press a Control/Command-D as your pointer is over it. When the tab comes up look at the bottom of the tab, where you'll see "Oxford dictionary" listed. Put your pointer on that, press your mouse button, and move down to "Thesaurus." You can have the exact word you need in a few seconds.

You can do this in any program on your Mac. And I mean even everywhere! Doing e-mail, using a word processor or spreadsheet, even here in the browser as you are posting something on the forum (which is why I love the feature so much). It works everywhere.

It won't work in Word, of course, but you can go to this site and download a word processor which is better--and free.


Hope this helps anyone out there who's a Mac user.

And by the way, anyone who feels and urge to tell someone about a feature for ANY machine should feel free to post it here.

Sharing is caring.

Which reminds me. I just realized that I forgot to tell you where to go to get a comparison of any software for your Windows or Mac machine, and to get a link to any free--and good!--word processor, spreadsheet, or presentation program. Here's a link you'll really treasure:



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