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Tom Garrett 4 years, 3 months ago

William Andy and his family spent Tuesday night looking for his sister who no one had seen since Saturday. They did not find her.

On Wednesday morning, Jermal Stewart, the woman's son went back for another look. He says, "I was walking through the living room and I heard her say, 'Help me, help me,' like that. And I opened up the door and she was sitting in there, and that's how I found her."

The woman was sitting in the freezer with the lid cracked. The freezer was on and her legs were extremely cold. She was taken to St. John Hospital, where police say she was unable to tell them why she was in the freezer or how long she had been in there.

Stewart said he believes she was using the freezer to protect herself from a tornado she thought was coming on Saturday.

"She thought bad weather was going to come," he said. "She told the neighbors she thought a tornado was coming." He speculates that she, " into the freezer and she couldn't get out."

Police had detectives look over the scene but they do not suspect foul play.

Do they make these up, or do they really happen?


Tom Garrett 4 years, 3 months ago

Tornadoes do some strange things. With swirling winds and very low pressure that can cause a house to explode because of the sudden change as the twister roars by, they have been known to do things that seem inexplicable.

Consider, for one moment, this scenario:

The woman crawls into her freezer. The tornado strikes, wreaking havoc with the entire area. It takes weeks to clean up the debris. In the meantime the woman is declared as one of 4 people missing from the area. The others are found, but after the twisted wreckage of the neighborhood is cleaned up the woman remains missing.

Investigators, knowing that the woman had not be seen for several days before the twister struck, assume that she was gone before it struck. Speculation in the papers and on local TV ranges everywhere from a visit to Europe which the woman spoke of often to a mysterious being spotted by a local seer, who suggests that the woman is now enjoying life "on a higher plane."

Then, thirty-two months later as the housing area is being graded and prepared for new construction under an emergency grant from FEMA, in an area more than a quarter mile from the place where the woman's house stood, a body is found in a freezer filled with water.

Police investigate. Headlines blossom.

First, "Woman found in chest freezer in remote area. Police rule out possibility that she is woman missing from twister-destroyed Dennis Long housing area."

Then, "Body of woman in freezer still unclaimed. Likelihood of identification small because body soaked in water for so long impossible to identify. Forensic scientists say that the fat of the woman found in the freezer in the Bedwash dump body turned into adipocere, a fatty wax composition similar to lye soap, and it is unlikely it will ever be identified."

Then, "Garment of woman in freezer traced to local store."

Then, "Woman in freezer identified. Search on for missing son."

Then the story breaks. "Leon Ames, son of the woman found in a freezer the Bedwash Area of Collinsville has been arrested by CV police concerning the disappearance of his mother, Emmaline Roberson, just prior to the Breakneck Tornado which swept through the area thirteen weeks ago. Ames was arrested as he appeared in court to file a claim for the woman's insurance against the RightPay Insurance company for $188,000 in life insurance which the company refused to pay in the absence of an proof of Roberson's demise."

Cut to the trial result sixteen months later.


Tom Garrett 4 years, 3 months ago

"Ames found guilty in freezer murder of mother."

"Prosecutor Helen Worth spoke briefly after the conviction of Leon Ames, better known in Clinton County as the Freezer Man. "Ames is a very devious person, someone who took advantage of the destruction wreaked by the Breakneck Tornado to secrete his mother's body in the rarely traveled Bedwash Area, where freezers and refrigerators have been routinely dumped for decades. Most of them sit there until they rust away, but when 8 year old Ronnie Compass decided to open the Ames freezer he by sheer accident began what was one of the longest investigations in Clinton County history."

"Wreatha Leeann Medantin, one of the jurors in the Ames trial said, 'I could see it in his face. That man is evil. He lied every step of the way. Why, for example, did he move away from Collinsville while his mother was still missing? And as the prosecutor pointed out to us so many times, how did he know his mother was dead when he filed that insurance claim?'"

"Questioned by this reporter concerning that question, Ames, a 1990 dropout from CTS Ultra High, said, 'Didn't have no house no more. Whole thing blew away. Where was I supposed to do? I got a job in Gabesburg.'"

"Sentencing is scheduled for 24 November. In light of the Family Homicide Act passed by the legislature in 2010, Ames is likely to draw a 123 plus year sentence with no possibility of parole."

"Ronnie Compass, now 10, says he will never forget what he saw as he opened the lid to that upright freezer. 'When I saw that face looking up at me from under all that bad water in that old freezer I ran all the way home before I took a breath. I'm never going back to Bedwash again.'"

"Ronnie may be right, the County announced today that a grant from federal authorities, if approved, may at last enable the county to...."


Tom Garrett 4 years, 3 months ago

Anybody want to bet that if I put the last two posts up on a website people would believe it? And that some of them would be arguing FOR the non-existent Family Homicide Act and saying that it is an essential deterrent to domestic violence?

I just read that Massachusetts, always a leader in extremist legislation has a bill going through its legislature to make it illegal to spank a kid. So far, that will keep Massachusetts at the head of the class when it comes to "mandatory" legislation--mandatory auto insurance being the first one I remember.



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