Lead-in paragraph is unfair and misleading!


Tom Garrett 4 years, 3 months ago

What does it say?

"Petty crime and burglaries aren't unusual in New Mexico's isolated Guadalupe County, but lately Sheriff Michael Lucero has seen thieves steal something a bit unexpected--grass."

You know doggone well what they wanted us to think when they wrote that, don't you? Know what I mean? Grass? Weed? Tea? Astro turf? Broccolli? Bale? Jolly green?

With the new medical pot laws...?

Wise guys!

You what's actually being stolen out there in Land of Enchantment?

Grass--as in turf, sod, green, fescue, Bermuda, St. Augustine, Grama, Rye, hay fields, and grazing land--in other words, as in the movie, "Green Pastures."

Why those dirty birds over there have started cutting neighbors' fences or leaving gates open so their cattle can graze on the sly. In fact, authorities in one small area say, "We've had five cases in the past few weeks where someone says his cattle just happened to walk through a gate that just happened to be open..."

Ho! Ho! Ho!

"It's extremely hard to make a case. You almost have to have an eyewitness," Leon Porter, a rancher over in New Mexico said.

They've got lots of eyewitnesses, you see, but they aren't talking. In fact, you can't get them to say boo when anyone is listening. Especially anyone wearing a gun.

Or was that Moo?

A local law enforcement official, faced with the ongoing battle to to deter thieves by painting bales of hay bold colors to help identify stolen bales sitting on others property, says, "We see people with cowboy hats transporting cattle and hay all of the time, and we think nothing of it. But now if we see them at 3 a.m. in the morning ... we have to stop and think: Is there something wrong?"

Now that's good thinking!

Hm-m-m-m. I wonder?

Perhaps New Mexico should change its state motto, which is now, "It grows as it goes."

Perhaps that should be: It goes as it grows.

The bottom line....

That ain't hay, podner!


Tom Garrett 4 years, 3 months ago

I've herd a lot about fights over water rights in the old days, but never over the grass.

You know what I think that shows? There are too many people. We're getting so doggone overcrowded, and being shoved into so many corners where no one would live before, that everything is scarce.

If anyone had told me when I first saw this place up here, that all those beautiful hills and slopes would be filled with homes I'd have told him he was nuts. I'd have said that this country can't support that many people. But just drive up and look at Pine. The old way you used to come in, on Old County Road, used to show nothing, absolutely nothing that even hinted that there was a "town" up ahead. Now, as you drive in on 87, just a few hundred yards east of Old County, all you see up ahead is a slope filled with houses.


Tom Garrett 4 years, 3 months ago

While I was typing a post on the string about the suggestion that our elk are being poisoned, it occurred to me that this string, although I treated the whole grass-swiping thing from a humorous point of view, says something about the large elk die-off this year. Wouldn't you agree ?

If grazing land is so short this year that cowboys are stealing hay bales doesn't that suggest that there would be an effect on wild animals as well? Or am I losing it?

And no smart-aleck remarks! :-)

Oh, well, go ahead. I probably deserve it anyway.


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