Sorry. I just couldn't let this pass without comment.


Tom Garrett 4 years, 3 months ago

A while back I promised that I would not say another word on the forthcoming election, and I have kept that promise. I intend to go on keeping that promise, but something Mitt Romney said last week has been festering inside me for a week now, and I just have to comment on it.

Sorry. Just can't stay quiet. It's a matter of honor with me to speak out when I think that someone has just plain lied.

Last week, when Mitt Romney said, “We don’t have people that become ill, who die in their apartment because they don’t have insurance,” I suddenly sat up and took notice. You may have read it or heard it yourself and said the same thing. If so, you don't have to read any farther because you already know what I am going to say.

That comment had to do with eliminating Medicaid and Medicare as we know them and replacing them with a voucher system.

I now know that Romney does not know what the life of an ordinary American is like. I'm sorry, Mitt, people DO die in their apartments because they don't have insurance. It happens every day. And just being able to go to the emergency room is not a substitute for medical insurance as you said it was. What people need is regular health care, regular doctor visits, not a one time shot in an emergency room. All too often, that visit to the emergency room ends in a comment like, "it's too late to do anything; you should have had this looked at a long time ago."

What we need is an expansion of Medicaid and Medicare, along with the reform of medical charges. Everyone on this planet knows that medical charges are far too high in the United States. And everyone knows that we have fallen behind our nearest friends--Canada and Europe--in life expectation for that exact reason. And everyone knows that medical insurance, paid in part by the individual himself, is the correct answer. No free rides, but no one left out.

Mitt, the last thing we want is anyone--ANYONE!--screwing around with our medical insurance. Leave it alone! People like me, people who worked hard all their lives, paid into their benefits, took the right jobs, and did things like opting for lower retirements so they could have better health care, deserve credit for the conservative choices they made.

You want my advice? Tell that buddy of yours to stick his voucher plans in his mouth so we don't have to listen to any more about them!!!

Voucher system my astigmatic eyeball! In a system like that all you get is a fixed amount for whatever is wrong with you. And what do you do if it isn't enough?

You die in your apartment, Mitt!


Tom Garrett 4 years, 3 months ago

Sorry, folks. That has festered in me for a week. I just had to say what I felt. We have a good insurance system. It is run through employers who are fair enough, and caring enough, and wise enough to work with their employees to achieve a fair and equitable balance between salary and benefits. Get less now; get more later. Some people may lose because they don't live long enough to enjoy all of those benefits, but then that is the nature of insurance.

So be it!


frederick franz 4 years, 3 months ago

Politicians scare me. They put into place some good laws. Medicare and Medicaid are good laws. Politicians, please don't mess with a good thing! Keep our health care system in tact as is.


Bernice Winandy 4 years, 3 months ago

Going to an emergency room for treatment is not an acceptable answer. It is the most expensive medical treatment available. And with no insurance for the patient, the taxpayer eventually in some way or the other eventually picks up the tab. Mitt is out of touch on this one just as he was when he advised that college students should ask their parents for a loan.


Tom Garrett 4 years, 3 months ago

I apologize that I broke my promise and posted something on this %$#@! election, but that comment was just over the top. I sat around grumbling about it for a whole week, and finally realized that I could not let it pass. Mitt Romney is not fit to be president of this nation. He is too much out of touch with the people. I passed on saying anything about his 40% comment, but this one went too far.

Mitt Romney is not his father, someone I saw as a great man. There's something missing in him. So he isn't worried about 40% of the people? And he thinks that no one ever dies from a lack of medical insurance does he? Well maybe no one who has so many millions that he hides then in off-shore accounts doesn't die for lack of insurance, but I happen to have known some fine Americans who did. Try my Uncle Joe, my Aunt Mabel, and my Mom's best friend Mary.

When medical insurance came about in the 1950's I thought it was the most wonderful, most truly American solution to a universal problem I had ever seen. I still think so. It's a pay-ahead program. All it needs is adjustment for price gouging.

And instead of blaming medical care for our current budget problems why doesn't Romney just face up to the fact that our budget problems are now, and have been for nearly 50 years, a matter of choice. We either keep a strong military or the world goes to pot. We beat the %$#@! Soviets by outspending them. We'll beat the rest of them the same way. And if that means we have to go into debt, then so be it.

We're not strapping our kids with debt; we're seeing to it that they inherit a free world.


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