Vote on Frontier Elementary is premature.


Tom Garrett 4 years, 2 months ago

Vote NO on the sale or lease of Frontier Elementary School.

You are soon going to have a new school board. Voting on a critical issue at the same time that the school board may be going through a dramatic change in its membership would be a terrible mistake.

Allow the new school board to consider the issue. The people on that board are going to be committed to a policy of open discussion, discussion in which the people of Payson are at last allowed to know what their board is thinking.

If the new school board decides that selling or leasing Frontier is a good idea you will not only know WHAT the board wants to do, you will know WHY it wants to do it. Then you can make up your mind, armed with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. No longer will you have to vote on something with no idea what the actual agenda is.

Vote no.

What, after all, is the rush? Selling a school which is inevitably going to have to be replaced in the not too distant future is an extreme move. You should know--in advance of any vote, not afterward--what is going to happen to the money. Otherwise you are buying a pig in a poke.

Consider this: The state paid most of the construction costs for Frontier. How is the state going to look upon replacing it when the time comes? It is going to look like PUSD is trying to double-dip, and you know how the Arizona Legislature looks at things like that.

Also, if Frontier is sold, isn't the legislature going to take into consideration the money we get from that sale when they decide how much we are going to get next year? If there is anything the legislature can do, it's count. Suppose they decide to say, "We bought you a school. You sold it. Do you really expect us to forget about the money we put into that school when we are considering the amount you get next year?"

Does the current school board have an answer for that? Would it be unfair if the legislature decided that it would be fair and proper to reduce our funds by the amount we got by selling something they paid for?

Be wise. Say no now. Let the new board reveal all the facts before asking you to make such an important decision.

Don't be rushed into making a decision you may regret.


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