Warning! You better get out and vote!!


Tom Garrett 4 years, 2 months ago

At least that's the way that Holly Solomon, 28, of Gilbert appears to feel.

Witnesses say that, angered at her husband, Daniel, for not voting, she jumped into a Jeep SUV and chased him around a parking lot.

Solomon tried hiding behind a lamp pole, but his wife kept coming at him with the Jeep and he finally made a run for it.

Bad move! His wife his him with the Jeep and pinned him underneath it against a curb. He is now in a trauma center in Scottsdale where is he in critical condition.

So vote!

Or else!

By the way, Mrs. Solomon was arrested for domestic violence, but the police believe she was stone sober at the time she hopped in that Jeep.


Ronald Hamric 4 years, 2 months ago

I tell you Tom, passions are really high in this country. Succession, revolution, etc. I suppose American's old fashion "temperate" mentality has gone the way of the DoDo bird. What a waste of a perfectly good Jeep!


Tom Garrett 4 years, 2 months ago

You know an amazing thing, Ron? I remember that old "temperate" mentality. It was nice to be around. And it has faded. If someone had asked me back in the forties which of our neighbors were Democrats and which were Republicans I wouldn't have had a clue, not a clue. People listened to the speeches, heard talk about issues, and voted. It seemed as though elections were a good thing, a time when the nation came together after a lot of argument. And that seemed to be the norm.

But you know what I've recently discovered? When we first get into this mess back in the 1700's things were very different from what we read in our history books. The books make it look like we were united; the facts show the direct opposite.

Believe it or not, we actually hanged people who didn't fight in the revolution. People who wouldn't join in because of their beliefs. I just read about two Quakers who were singled out in Philadelphia in 1778 and hanged. They both had Loyalist leanings, and that was enough under PA law for them to be hanged, although nothing like that could happen today since they had done nothing deserving punishment under modern law.

Abraham Carlisle and John Roberts were hanged because they were wealthy Quakers. The purpose of the hanging was to frighten Quakers into setting aside their religious beliefs and joining the fight.

I tell you, Ron, it's a good thing that the states insisted on a Bill of Rights when they ratified the Constitution. Otherwise, this would be a very different country.

Pat, I don't know if she voted this time, but I think I can tell you whether or not she'll ever get to vote again.


Tom Garrett 4 years, 2 months ago

By the way, want to read something ironic?

Read this:

During the Revolution, when the Americans occupied Philadelphia Patriot mobs ransacked many Quakers' homes. A cousin of Quaker Mary Norris Dickinson watched from a neighbor's home as "the mob attacked the house . . . . breaking the windows . . . . they came a second time to our houses & pounded with stones. . . . they were determined to have the houses down."

In September of 1777, the Patriots arrested twelve Quakers and exiled them to Winchester, Virginia, because of the potential threat they posed to the American position. Among the exiles, confined until late April of the following year, including three members of the Quaker Norris family.

But when the British occupied Philadelphia they burned the Norris family home where Quakers John and Mary Norris Dickinson lived, specifically because it belonged to "that Patriot Dickinson."

Back in those days, it must have been lousy to be someone whose religion banned you from committing violent acts.


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