The oddest things make us feel good.


Tom Garrett 4 years, 1 month ago

Remember the time that Kramer (on Seinfeld) took control of a New York City bus but still was late getting where he was going?

Remember how we all laughed when we found out that he was late because he kept making all the stops for the passengers?

It looks life life really does "imitate art," as they say.

A week from last Friday, Keith Hinds in West Hartford, Connecticut, stole a car being used to make deliveries from a Chinese restaurant when it was left it idling as the driver ran inside a building.

Well, having a car to drive was okay, but Keith thought he could use a little spending money too, so he....

You got it!

... continued dropping off orders so he could pocket the money.

He forgot one thing, though. He forgot that the driver might call in and the boss might call his customers to explain why their orders would be a little late.

And a customer might say, "But...."

Keith is being held in the pokey on $5,000 bond.

I don't exactly why, but when I read that I felt a little bit better about life.


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