It doesn't pay to fool Mother Natu...uh, China.


Tom Garrett 4 years ago

Guess what? Along with can openers that don't open cans, sheet rock that smells like fish heads, electronics that don't elect, and size 7 shoes marked size 8 1/2, the Chinese have found a solution for laws that control overpopulation by limiting the number of children each family can have.

Or at least the Communist Party head of the village of Xiquan, and legislator from the district of Xiaodian, has found a solution, one he apparently enjoyed.

So simple. Why didn't we think of it?

He has four wives and ten kids.

Bad Communist! Bad Communist! You don't know that hiding assets is Capitalist trick? You under arrest, Jocko!

Fourteen other people have been fired, warned, or demoted, either for sloppy bookkeeping, oversupplying diapers, helping him arrange identity documents, or whatnot.

His name? Who cares? Right now his name is mud.

The news in China is that he is being "prominently featured on state media as part of anti-corruption drive."

That's an onerous statement over there. In a way I feel sorry for the poor little Commie. What he did was a criminal act and the Chinese have a neat solution for criminal acts.

It's called: Bang-Bang, you now very dead, Jocko.


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