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Tom Garrett 4 years ago

I could have put this up as an addition to anyone of five different strings, particularly the "Press Coverage of Tragic Massacre" string, but I think we have had our say on them.

Instead, I've just copied a few things that were said on those strings. At the end of them you'll find the latest news on the madmen--and madwomen--among us.

"Police the insane. It may not be popular anymore to put insane people away, and it may be cheaper to let them lie around on the lawn of the state house, but if the genuinely insane were not running loose it only stands to reason that they could do less harm."

"We need to accept the fact that most attacks are personal in nature."

"Prior to most incidents, other people know about the attacker's idea or plan."

"Create laws which require the reporting of deranged, or possibly deranged individuals."

"Take the case of the movie shooting... the shooter had threatened one of his professors, had been banned from the university before the shooting... [and] was under the care of a school psychiatrist who knew full well that he was dangerous."

"[The attackers] are filled with a insane certainly that society has betrayed them."

"In 1980, William Spengler took a hammer and beat his grandmother to death with it. He served 17 years and was released."

"A couple of days ago... he murdered his 67 year old sister, Cheryl, wrote a note, armed himself with a shotgun, rifle, and revolver, set fire to the house [and] waited for the firemen to arrive."

And now for a handy update.

From CBS: A woman has been charged with murder in the New York subway shove. The attack was the second time this month that a man was pushed to his death in a city subway station. A homeless man was arrested in early December and accused of shoving a man in front of a train in Times Square. He claimed he acted in self-defense and is awaiting trial.

CBS news station interviewed some New Yorkers about the situation. One person said, "There's a lot of crazy people out here. They're not supposed to be in the streets. They're supposed to be where they're supposed to be; where they belong - in a hospital, a mental institution, you know? I see a lot of crazy people in the train station."

Of course, we could just stay at home.


Tom Garrett 4 years ago

I have a perfect solution. I can't imagine why I never thought of it before.

We all make a New Year's resolution that we won't do anything bad.

See? End of problem!

Hey! Don't laugh. I see goodie-two-shoes articles on the net all the time that make just as much sense.


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