The Payson Roundup's Treatment of a Good Man


Reed Watson 4 years ago

Hello Tom,

  I just wrote a letter to the editor of the Roundup.  But, I thought I would share it directly with you.  I know that you have the greatest of integrity when it comes to sharing your opinion and how you carefully consider all the facts and state your opinions the best that you can.

  I used to be somewhat of a regular on these blogs.  I was also a member of the Payson Police Department for six years.  You may or may not remember me.  However, I was tired of the treatment of Sgt. Donny Garvin in their paper.

  And, before any bloggers get too harsh or passes judgement, I give you my absolute word that Donny did not do even a small portion of what Chief Engler accused him of.

Here is the letter. I would appreciate you taking a look at it and then maybe providing a response as to your opinion on why the Roundup has to bring up a defaming paragraph about a truly good man regarding something that occurred to him over two years ago? The same guy who has consistently went the extra mile for the Town of Payson.

I thank you in advance..... Here is the letter I wrote to the editor.

" I am writing this letter to call on you to stop smearing a good man's name. I am speaking of Sgt. Donny Garvin of the Payson Police Department. It seems that you find some far reaching method to denigrate his name in a large proportion of the articles that you write regarding the Payson Police Department. The last article was about personnel shortages in the police department and you bring up his demotion of two years ago?

  Why don't you mention he has been the Officer of the Year over a dozen times in your own newspaper’s polls?  Or that he is a great leader of the SRT unit?  Or how he worked with DARE kids for years and years?  Or the countless hours that he has spent serving the Payson community?

  Many of the claims made against Sgt. Garvin in the demotion process were patently FALSE.  If you do not believe me, demand that Chief Engler show you his "evidence" of sexting.  There is none and there never was - because it didn’t happen!

 I have been a close friend of Sgt. Garvin's for 18 years.  I have never seen him do anything that would compromise his character.  He is one of a handful of people that I would completely and totally trust with the lives of my family.  That is the highest form of a compliment that I can provide.  Please stop defaming his good name!

Reed Watson"


Tom Garrett 4 years ago

I was first only going to post this as a letter to Reed, but I think it belongs up here in public view.


It's good to hear from you, and to know that you are still alive and kicking. Too many people move away after they retire and just disappear off the radar.

Thanks also for your compliment regarding my integrity. I do my best.

I fully understand how sensitive you and Sergeant Garvin must feel about what happened. I would feel the same way. But I wonder if you realize what you are asking for when you suggest that we begin a long winded discussion here on the forum of past events which are largely forgotten. My honestly held belief is that no good would come out of starting such a discussion. In fact, I believe it would do harm.

I went back and read everything the Roundup carried on the matter from its very inception and wrote a full post about it, but then realized that it would do more harm than good and changed my mind. You see, the only way I could honestly comment on your concerns was to read what was said in current and older articles, post the relevant parts of them, and state my opinion about the handling of the matter by all concerned. But if I did that, I realized, I'd be doing no one any favors.

Reed, the media handling of the recent horrific events in Connecticut show that there is nothing worse than too many repetitions, whether intended to help or hinder. My commenting here would be the exact opposite of what you want.

That's my honest opinion. I can only hope you see the wisdom of it, and that you agree.

Hoping that you and yours are doing well,


Everyone else, if you comment on this at all I would appreciate it if you limit your comments to my decision, not to the issue itself. Thanks.


Reed Watson 4 years ago

Thank you Tom,

  That is all well said and I appreciate your insights.  We are doing great and are living in Tigard, OR and I'm especially happy not to be a government employee anymore.

  As for the other....  I have offered Donny to write a letter on several occasions because of the constant repeating of his demotion when there is no need for him to be slandered over and over  He gets dozens of calls from other friends as well saying, "The Roundup did it to you again!"  And they offer their support as well.  But, Donny has always taken the high road and said something like, "Thanks for the offer, but don't write to them."

  This last time he finally said, "Do what you want to do."  He still didn't encourage my writing, but I could tell he's fed up with the image that the Roundup portrays of him.

   I know I delved right back into a topic you said we should drop and and I'm sorry for that.  However, I felt you might want to know the type of integrity that Donny displays on a daily basis, including not seeking any kind of retribution towards those that treat him with very little dignity.

  I hope you and your family are well and I appreciate you reading what I had to say!



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