Let's start the year out with a good, honest chuckle.


Tom Garrett 4 years ago

I've been saving this for a long time, just waiting for the best time to put it up.

It has been a hard year for the nation, and we ended it by hanging off the fiscal cliff for so long that world-wide opinion has it that the term "fiscal cliff" should be banned. People now hate it even worse than "whatever."

We need something to balance that out, and I'm relying on you folks to supply it with a couple of gags. I'll do my best to start it off.

There are some things that are funny. There are others that are so far over the top that every time we think of them we have to grin.

This is one of those:

THE best deathbed comment I have ever read:

"One last drink--please!"

Who said it?

Jack Daniel.


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