What do we do to prevent such things?


Tom Garrett 4 years ago

I did not enjoy reading this CNN story:

"The mangled wrecks of cars being carried out of Japan's Sasago Tunnel suggest there was little motorists could do to escape the sudden collapse of the ceiling above them."

"...nine people... were trapped in their cars by rubble or the flames that broke out shortly after."

"Charred bodies were pulled from the debris, including five from a single station wagon."

Trapped in a dark tunnel, with the roof caving in and fire breaking out. The fear, the screaming, the flames creeping closer. The thought of the loved ones near you. The inability to do anything to save them. We are all different, but that comes pretty close to my personal definition of Hell.

We all know what's coming next though, don't we?

First the investigation. Then the long months while evidence is gathered. Then the report of incompetence and greed that caused the most horrendous minutes in the lives of nine innocent victims. Then the denials. And finally, the slap on the wrist.

We see it over and over again.

Read the title of this string.


Bernice Winandy 4 years ago

Prosecute those responsible for the faulty construction and then make sure they get long prison terms. Pubicize the whole thing as much as possible. Annual memorial services, etc.


Tom Garrett 4 years ago

Bernice, I could not agree with you more.

Can you imagine yourself in that position? It's hard to even think about. It is something that should never have happened.

I just wonder if anyone at the top--the people who made the decisions and reaped the profits from those decsions, will ever find themselves in court?


Pat Randall 4 years ago

The architects and inspectors of the work are the ones to blame. Contractors have to follow the plans that are drawn and the inspectors should make sure they are done right .


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