Your reply to the N. Korean rocket launch?


Tom Garrett 4 years ago

They cheered in North Korea a couple of weeks ago. Of course, if they didn't cheer someone might have lopped some heads off, but anyway tens of thousands of North Koreans packed into snowy Kim Il Sung Square and clenched their fists as a military band tooted horns and pounded on drums.


Kim Jong Un--you know Baby Kim Jong, who took over after Daddy Kim Jong, who took over from Big Daddy Kim Jong--decided to launch a long range missile as an in-your-face to the rest of the world.

I give him credit; he managed to keep a straight face as he claimed that all the rocket did was put a "crop and weather monitoring satellite" into orbit.


It seems that Baby Kim Jong is having problems with the military over there and wants to strengthen his position. But if that's so, then he's taking a chance because North Korea is almost certain to come under even more crushing sanction than it is already enjoying.

The United Nations says North Korea already has a serious hunger problem. The next big question is how the outside world will punish Pyongyang, and whether or not another in-your-face will come next: a nuclear test. In 2009, the North conducted an atomic explosion just weeks after a rocket launch.


You don't want to know what I would do about this mess. How would you handle it?


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