102 Hey! What's that guy doing down there?


Tom Garrett 4 years ago

A retired auto parts store manager and his wife were flying back to Labelle, Florida. It was a sunny day, and the flight path passed over their home, so they dipped down for a look.

And got one.

Of a 6-foot tall, medium built man with a handlebar mustache who had his truck parked in their driveway and was stealing their trailer!

Despite the fact that the couple dropped all the way down to 300 feet and circled a few times, and the fact that the man even looked up with his hands on his hips in annoyance, he still just calmly hooked up the trailer and drove off with it. So the couple tailed him out onto I-75, called the 911 dispatcher, and helped the police zero in on and arrest the man.

Police identified the suspect as Gary Robert Haines, a 59-year-old Virginia man, who is now charged him with grand theft auto.

Haines was released from Charlotte County Jail last Tuesday morning on a $2,500 bond, but when CNN left a message at a telephone number listed in his name no one responded.

What's your guess? Was he out collecting up another trailer, or do you figure he has decided to change his line of work? :-)


Tom Garrett 4 years ago


Just had another sensational idea about how to protect schools!

Let's see-e-e-e....

There were only 72 school in Mesa when I left. Couldn't be more than 73 now. And some of them are close together. So we station a few single engine birds at Falcon Field, and get some volunteer deputies from Sherrif Joe, arm them with M-16s and scopes, and....


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