Tea Party News 14 Jan 2013.


Tom Garrett 4 years ago

Tea Party Meeting:

Thursday 6:00-7:30 pm, Tiny’s Family Restaurant.

This week Andy McKinney who has done a lot of studying about Iran will give a presentation on Iran and the Straits of Hormuz. A very informative with questions and answers included.

Plan to attend our Stand for Freedom in honor of The Second Amendment on Saturday, January 19th from 10 am-1 pm in front of Rim Country Guns, 513 S. Beeline Hwy (just N of the Post Office on the East side of 87).

Gerry will have some extra signs made, but try to bring your own. Copies of the Constitution will be passed out to passers by and gun shop customers. Come wave to the traffic and see those thumbs up!


Ronald Hamric 4 years ago

Attended the Stand for Freedom in honor of The Second Amendment event today. Since I rarely involve myself in these types of events, it pretty much went as I anticipated it would. Several "angry old white men" and some women there holding signs and waving flags relevent to the issue at hand. I chose a "Don't Tread On Me" flag and joined in. Overall, if success can be measured in the number of positive response to those of us out there, I would say it was a reasonably successful undertaking. The disappointment I had , as I explained to one woman there, was the absense of any young people. Most of those at that event are far enough along in years that we will probably not live long enough to see this whole struggle play itself out. I am saddened that the generations that are following us do not appreciate that we are not taking these positions for ourselves as much as we are doing it for them. It is they that will inherit an America that will be so fundamentally different than the one in which we lived, that it will be unrecognizable unless those younger folks get active and involved in these types of movements. They are the ones who will be paying for all the money that is currently being spent in Washington to fund the current "entitlement" class.

I suppose I should not expect too much from the younger folks given the educational environment in which they were reared. Eventually, given to current direction, the "White, shining city on the hill" will pass into history and be as foreign to them as is WW2 today.


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