110 Retraction. I was wrong.


Tom Garrett 3 years, 11 months ago

This string originally had the the title, "More proof that we need to get the nuts back in their shells."

Here's what it said:

"In Oakland, California, a judge just ruled that a man accused of killing seven people at a small Northern California Christian college is not mentally fit for trial."


"A psychiatrist has determined that One Goh suffers from paranoid schizophrenia that dates back several years. Authorities have said Goh, a former Oikos student, planned the killing spree at the school that caters to Korean immigrants after becoming angry with school officials over a tuition dispute. He previously decided to drop out of the school's nursing program."

My point was that we need to get some people off the street.

So why am I retracting what I would have said? I just got done reading a book called "The Making of a Psychiatrist," written in 1972 by Dr. David Viscott. In it I learned about state insane asylums, where doctors used to get their psychiatric training. I learned how easy it was for thousands of people to be stuck in one and forgotten. I learned about people who had been in one for as much as 25 years, and who had spent as much as ten years without so much as uttering a single word. I saw people who were accused of a minor crime, sent in for an evaluation to be sure they were competent to stand trial, and were still penned inside stone walls 20 years after they would have served a short sentence.

And I saw what happened when one man doing his internship and residence training actually tried to help people. Many went home

Mostly, I learned about stupidity, abuses, incompetence, and government agencies that are self-perpetuating, places run by the people at the bottom of a graduating class.

I still think we need to do something about people who show themselves to be an imminent threat to society. I do not think that some state-mandated system is the answer.

When you're wrong, you're wrong. I was wrong. Sorry.


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