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John Lemon 3 years, 11 months ago

Jeepers. More of the same old silver-tongued devil. We must move forward but can only do it if we all move forward together? Pardon me, but is it not the case that Capitalism and a Free Enterprise system base themselves on the belief that individuals can compete and work and progress on individual merit? Is the implication not that some persons will not have the motivation, intelligence and drive to be at the head of the pack? Perhaps it is somewhat difficult to consider, but do those beliefs not tacitly accept that not all of the people will be successful? Obama's tilt toward some style of Socialsim is so very obvious to me. How and why do so many accept leaning toward a philosophy that has failed or is failing almost every time it has been tried ? Self-interest? Laziness? Greed? Stupidity? Ignorance? Whatever the case, I recall the old adage that one can not win an arguement with a person who is stupid.


Tom Garrett 3 years, 11 months ago


Yeah, sure. "We" can only "move forward" if "we" do it "together."

Four words to analyze:

• First "we" does not include me.

• "Move forward" into what? The mine field of socialism?

• The second "we" will never include me.

• "Together" in lock-step behind someone who promised us change, by which he made it transparently clear that he meant a by-partisan approach to government, as opposed to the extremism of George Bush being played like a puppet by puppet-master Karl Rove. But did we get change? Did we get a president who sat down with congressional leaders and said, "Look, let's decide what wrong and see what we can do about it. Let's do it with the good of the people in mind. If we disagree on how to make changes let's talk about goals again and see if there was something we didn't understand, something we can talk over. Let's not spend our time trying to count coup on each other for the next election. Let's just try to get the job done. Now, as to medical costs we can all see that there is something wrong. The charges are sometimes outrageous. I don't know about you, but I think we shouldn't be paying $15 for a bandaid and I think that there's some way we cab stop doing that. And I think that if someone smokes, and his risk of high cost treatments is increased, he ought to pay higher insurance. And I know that you folks feel that if someone wanders around without medical insurance, and then gets seriously ill, that ought to be his problem, but is there some way we can work with that? And...."

But what did we get? Thousands of pages stuffed down our throats. That's not what we promised; we were promised real change.

John, the reason you see the man doing what he is doing is because of what he is. He is just another Eastern Establishment elitist; someone who believes that the people are truly unable to govern themselves, and so their betters have to do it for them. He wants people to be like dogs; pat them on the head, give them a bone to chew on, let them do what dogs do, make a little place in the corner where the females can raise the result, and another place in another corner where the males can scratch their fleas, and let them be happy in their ignorance.


Tom Garrett 3 years, 11 months ago

"...one can not win an argument with a person who is stupid."

John, the real problem is that when people who lack ability and ambition are given a chance to vote for freebies they do it. They fail to look at the cost. I'd like to get hold of every bright American who supports the kind of social legislation we sometimes see, put them on a boat, take them to England, and let them see with their own two eyes what a gray, gray existence it leads to. I'd like them to drive up to a gas station to buy $8 a galllon gas for their piddling little car and have the attendent--who hates both them and his job--slouch around, take his time, answer rudely, and just generally do everything he can to be as hateful as he can be because he is so unhappy with his life, and totally unable to escape the trap he is in. I'd like them to see what socialism is really like--in England of all places, a once free land. Then I'd like to bring them back and ask them how they'd like to vote on health care."

I once had to go to a little town near Norwich in the UK. I was going to drive when one of my English friends said, "Don't do that. You can take the train for two shillings (35¢ then). So I did. It was a one car train that ran on electricity. It had a motorman and a ticket taker. It ran only to the little town I went to, which was 21 miles away. I was THE only passenger. The whole ride was just for me--the whole danged car and two paid employees. I was stunned, asked why, and was told by a Labour Party member who quite sincerely saw nothing wrong with it. He told me, "Ah, well, Tom. You'll never see a soul in that village vote conservative, will you?"

I suppose that train trip for which I paid 35¢ cost roughly--I don't know--$500? More? A lot more? It ran day and night, about once an hour or so. I noticed a while back that when the Brits were cutting costs in the world recession one thing they were cutting was somewhere around 500 libraries.

You say that you can't win an argument with someone who is stupid. True.

But when it comes to arguing an election with a socialist politician, consider an old German saying.

You can't outstink a pile of s--t.


Pam Mason 3 years, 11 months ago

Tom, you absolutely nailed it with reference to England. I am proud to be a naturalized US Citizen and I hate the idea of socialism UK style coming here.


John Lemon 3 years, 11 months ago

Tom; It seems that we are not big fans of Obama and his ilk. I am just guessing....


Tom Garrett 3 years, 11 months ago

Thanks, Pam. You have to go there, live there for a while, and see it to understand what it is like. I swear to God. It is SUCH a gray existence. Oh sure, you can go out into the countryside and still see happy people living pretty much as they always did--as long as they stay where they are. But go into London? Ugh-h-h-h-h! Gray. Gray. Gray.

You know how socialized medicine actually works? This will shock you when you think about its implications. Doctors are paid according to the number patients on their list. Think about that. Think about what it means.

I ripped a thumb wide open on a sharp piece of steel in my trunk one day as I was driving home from London and had to stop something rattling up front in the trunk (rear wheel drive Chevy). Ripped it from nail to wrist. Blood was EVERYWHERE! Luckily, we were just a block from a hospital. In I buzzed, bleeding like a stuck pig. And what? Instead of being wheeled straight into the ER as would have happened here, I sat in a grim, gray, grimy little waiting room and bled a puddle that was getting close to 3 feet in diameter while two female and one male nurse stood behind a counter a chatted and laughed with each other. I was actually getting dizzy from loss of blood when I finally let loose a curse that must have been heard in Scotland, went out to my car, wrapped the %$#@! thumb up in black tape, and drove to the base.

In the base hosptal, even though I was no longer bleeding that much, it was less than five minutes before they were working on me. They told me I had lost somewhere between one and two pints of blood and that I was lucky I hadn't run off the road. But what choice did I have? In that waiting room I was genuinely scared that I would pass out from loss of blood and would never regain consciousness.

While the doctor was giving me a tetanus shot just in case he told me some numbers he had picked up somewhere. I didn't know it, but when you need an operation over there you are put on a list. Then the wildly efficient wheels of government grind. Maybe you live long enough to get the operation; maybe not. The doc told me the actual numbers for a couple of them. I wish I could recall them.

John, I am always willing to think the best of someone, and I will readily admit that it was a surge of pride that I saw a black man enter the White House. It was something that reaffirmed my beliefs in this country. But Barack Obama is an elitist. Like all the rest of them he thinks he knows what is good for the "common people."

Go over to Safeway. Look the curly headed young man who is bagging groceries or bringing in baskets. Watch him work. See how happy he is to be doing something of value that meets his abilities. See how well he earns his pay. Then tell me that we have a right to dictate to that young man what he should do with his life.


"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal...."


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