167 Is this a legal issue or a political one?


Tom Garrett 3 years, 10 months ago

We have military drones. Drones can kill people. One job of the military is to kill people. It should, of course, be the right people.

Question: Who makes the decision?


• On a battle field, the guy with the gun.

• Off the battlefield the Commander In Chief or whoever has the authority to push the button.

Question: Can the target be an American?


• Yes.

Question: Does 5th Amendment due process apply?


• If the person is within the U. S. and can be therefore be arrested and afforded all of his rights, of course it does.

• If the person is not in the United States, U. S. laws obviously do not apply.

Question for you: Do you really think that any American President, even the one we have now, is likely to order a strike on someone who has not fully earned that strike?

Another question for you: Having answered that question, why do you think all the huff-and-puff stuff is going on in Congress at the moment?

And a third question for you: If we turn war into a matter of civil rights legislation how do you think it will help us?

Just asking........


Tom Garrett 3 years, 10 months ago

On the other hand, "drone killings" might be a good idea.

Killing the drones, I mean.


Tom Garrett 3 years, 10 months ago

We do have drones in our society, you know.

I wonder...?

Drones killing drones?

A quiet southern afternoon. Outside a sprawling mansion a sound fills the air.


Charlie: "Hey, Bo. What's that noise outside?"

"I dunno. Let's go look."

(Outside.) BZ-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-ZT!

Charlie: "What is that?"

"I dunno. Wow! That's loud! That's noise pollution. I gotta write this down. I'm writing a new edition of The In...."


"Al? Hey, Bo? You okay? Medic! Medic!"

Would they let us do that?

Let's see....

Who would qualify as a drone...?


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