187 Tried and convicted for just learning something?


Tom Garrett 3 years, 9 months ago

In Denmark, two men have been sentenced to three and a half years in prison each for the older brother's participation in a training camp run by al-Qaida-linked militants in Somalia.

They were the first convictions under a Danish law that makes it illegal to receive training from a terrorist group.

No overt act of terrorism has been committed by either brother, nor was any overt act of terrorism required for the two men to be imprisoned.

Consider what it would be like to live in a nation where it is possible to pass such laws.

I'll just ask you one question, but I'll also ask you to think very hard about the answer:

The people in Denmark are surely not monsters. Nor are they likely to be stupid. How is it possible for ordinary people to be led into making such a horrendous error of judgment as to pass such a law, and what can we can learn from their error?


Tom Garrett 3 years, 9 months ago

Amen, Pat!

We have too many people who want THEIR idea of what's right and what's wrong to be the law. The trouble is, we never get to hear about most of this crap until it becomes law. And another problem is that people are not told what the consequences are when laws are passed.

For example, take the laws on minimum sentencing. Look at what they do. Are you in favor of these things?

• They are have increased the number of long-term prisoners so much we have had to build private prisons, which now lobby for more minimum sentencing laws so they can make more money. Are you in favor of that? Do you want people to serve long terms so that your taxes can go up?

• They have taken judge and jury out of the decision-making process. If you are convicted of any one of MANY crimes you are going to prison for a long time, no matter what the circumstances are. It doesn't matter what happened, why it happened, or what mitigating circumstances there may have been, you are going to prison for a long time.

• The private prison lobby works to include accidents in laws so that there will be more prisoners to house. You better not turn your head on warm sunny afternoon and have your kid slip out through a doggie door and get killed. No one can absolutely see everything some kid is going to do, but the laws call that murder now, and if it happens you are going to be charged with murder. (Don't believe me; read the current news.) On top of losing the most precious thing you possess, you are going to lose your freedom.

• To promote the beliefs of legislators who are willing to trade votes, laws are passed which put people away for a long time for crimes that are not all that serious.

Any time you hear the terms "reform" or "compromise" look out!! Reform means pushing some program on us that we don't want. Compromise means trading votes. You vote for my illegals bill and I'll vote for your tax bill. That is NOT the way things are supposed to run. You are supposed to vote your conscience.

If you have one.

And if you don't, you don't belong in a legislature.


Tom Garrett 3 years, 9 months ago

Hey, here's an idea!!

How about this?

If denmark can try and convict people for learning something, why can't we....

Try and convict people for not learning anything? :-)

Can you see some big old state cop pulling over a car full of high school kids?

"Okay, lamebrains! Outta the car and at the picnic table. All six of ya. Here's yer pencils. Here's yer answer sheet. Get goin. No talkin. Be sure you push those chads clean out. And you better be good at 6th grade math if you wanta sleep in yer own bed tonight!


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