267 Now this was REALLY scary!


Tom Garrett 3 years, 7 months ago

A few weeks back we talked about a sheriff's announcement about the possibility of a killer being on the loose in a small Nevada town. It was scary!

But it was nothing compared to how Yanira Maldonado, 42, must have felt when she boarded a bus back home from Mexico and was arrested at a security checkpoint when Mexican officials found 12 pounds of pot under her seat.

Can you imagine what it is like to be dragged off a bus in Mexico and stuck in some jail, facing a long term prison sentence with very little chance of proving your innocence?

That's all I am going to say, except for two things.

One: Thank God she got some help and was shown to be innocent. Welcome home, Yanira! May the Lord shower you with His blessings!

Two: How would you have felt if it had been you that was arrested?


Kim Chittick 3 years, 7 months ago

Terrified. Helpless. Vulnerable. The justice system in Mexico is vastly different than ours here in America.


Pat Randall 3 years, 7 months ago

I would feel like Kim said, if it really happened that way but being the pessimist I am. don't you think there is more to the story or the reporters reported something wrong to begin with?


Tom Garrett 3 years, 7 months ago

No Pat, I read all of that story and got some facts that mean a lot. I didn't put them up because I just wanted to focus on the terrifying thing it must have been.

First of all, cameras showed what the woman and her husband carried onto the bus. It was far too little to have concealed three 3 X 5 X 20 inch packets.

Secondly, the cameras showed that they walked straight in and sat down.

Third, the packet under her seat was attached by hooks and would have been almost impossible to put there by someone sitting in the seat.

Fourth, there were two stashes, not just one; the other one was in a place which neither the woman nor her husband could conceivably have gotten to.

Fifth, when the police showed up to check the bus one of the male bus passengers took off and was nowhere to be found after the search was completed.

Sixth, the person who disappeared had been located in a place behind the two seats that had the packets under them and could easily just have reached under from behind and slapped them in place.

Draw your own conclusions.

What a terrifying experience that must have been! The police immediately offered to take a $5,000 bribe and forget the whole thing, by the way. And I found out one more thing about the Mexican justice system. Most of what happens happens behind closed doors and is never made public--and that includes things that happen during the trial.


Pat Randall 3 years, 7 months ago

The first thing I read or heard on TV it was only the woman that was arrested. She had gone to Mexico for a funeral and her husband was going to pick her up in Nogales. If he was with her why was he not arrested? All the pictures and interviews I saw he was not in jail. I am sticking to my story there is more going on than we were told.


Tom Garrett 3 years, 7 months ago


As usual the evening news gave only 2% of the story. The husband was arrested. Since he was not sitting near his wife (couldn't no seat near her), and since there was no evidence of any kind against him, they released him (perhaps in hopes that he would go home and come back with the $5,000 bribe they wanted).

The "there is more going on than we were told" is that the news apparently failed to report that one of the other passengers disappeared when the bus was stopped and searched. The conclusion is obvious: He had hidden the packets and planned retrieve them when the bus stopped in the U.S. When the Mexican cops showed up he took off.


Tom Garrett 3 years, 7 months ago

I thought I'd add some comments from an East Valley Tribune article concerning what to do if you're arrested in Mexico. They might come in handy for you someday.

They suggest three things:

  1. Notify your consulate. This means carrying the phone number of the American Consulate with you when you go to Mexico. The consulate can:

a. Notify friends and relatives.

b. Give you a list of attorneys.

  1. Hire a Mexican lawyer. He:

a. Knows the system.

b. Can tell a shakedown fro a legitimate legal requirement.

  1. Appeal to the news media It:

a. Will get you attention.

b. Will protect you from being buried in the shuffle.

Anybody ever been down there? I never had any urge to go.


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