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Tom Garrett 3 years, 7 months ago

Do you wish to OPT OUT of having an AMI Smart Meter installed on your home?

There has been a lot of interest and questions about this issue. Many people are very concerned that these wireless, digital, pulse microwave transmitter/receivers will cause health issues. Other people are concerned with privacy issues and infringement on our 4th Amendment Rights.

APS is planning to begin installation of Smart Meters in Payson July 1st. APS has proposed OPT OUT fees to the AZ Corporate Commission of $75.00 for paperwork, and a $30.00 monthly charge for a meter reader to come read your Analog meter. State Law does provide that a customer may read their own meter. The Opt Out fee has not been approved by the ACC so hopefully the punitive $30 per month fee will not be approved, and customers can send in their own meter readings. Send in an OPT OUT notice asap before the fee schedule is approved.

An APS Account holder may OPT OUT by….

· Either a home owner or a renter is the account holder and has an account number · Include name, account number & address of the home. · Say that you want to keep your current safe analog meter and you do not consent to a Smart wireless digital meter being installed on your home. · Send Certified Mail with Return Receipt to: Donald E. Brandt Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Arizona Public Service P.O. Box 53999, Mail Station 8602 Phoenix, AZ 85072-3999

Keep return receipt with copy of letter.

Some folks are also taking a copy of the letter to our local APS office on Longhorn and have the staff place the OPT OUT notice on your account (on the computer) as you watch. If and when there is a decision on the OPT OUT fees, you can reconsider your options. Fees are not retroactive.

People who wish to affect policy do best by contacting the Arizona Corporation Commission, (ACC) the regulatory agency for APS.

The docket you wish to comment on is the APS APPLICATION. The docket # is E-01345A-13-0069. You must refer to this docket number when you make your comments.

Go to the main website , select Public Comment button and type in your information.

Or, go to [] and leave your comments…

The ACC Utilities Division can be reached by phone at: Toll Free 1-800-222-7000 and Phoenix Office: (602) 542-4251.

For more information, contact Pat Ferre 928-472-4333.


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