257 The military is a special case.


Tom Garrett 3 years, 7 months ago

I have steadfastly avoided commenting on all the %$#@! flak about gays in the military, but things are just getting out of hand, and SOMEBODY with some common sense needs to speak the plain truth.

Here you are: Openly avowing yourself to be gay, or making overt actions in that direction, is cause for being discharged from the military. Period!


Because experience slows that it causes dissension in the ranks. Forget about anything else; the troops will not have it. You can either have a fighting force without openly gay men, or you can have no fighting force at all.

Men in the service fight and work as much for each other as they do for anything else. You cannot have dissent. It destroys the unit. You might as well run up the surrender flag before the battle starts.

All the trash talk about rights is just that: trash. There are no "rights" in the military, at least not in the sense that we use the term in civilian life. Where in civilian life can you be ordered to die? Can I take a street cop and require him to charge a nest of gangsters holed up in a house, with both of us knowing full well he will be killed doing it?

Can I snatch you out of your car and select you as the "point man" walking before a file of soldiers advancing down the road, knowing full well that the main duty of the point man is fall down dead in such a way as to provide a hint which way the bullets came from?

Can I do any of the other things to you that I can do once you have sworn your oath and donned a uniform? No! Once you swear that oath all bets are off.

So it is now, so it has always been, and so it always will be.

The military is a special case. I served for 21 years, and even during my very first year of service I and others who served with me were fully aware that some of the guys might be gay, but as long as they did nothing overt they were accepted.

It has been that way forever.

Leave it alone! It cannot be changed.


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