388 Was the Fort Hood shooter death penalty correct?


Tom Garrett 3 years, 3 months ago

I have delayed any comments about this until well after the trial and sentencing of the Fort Hood shooter. Time has now passed so it seems appropriate to ask a question which needs to be asked.

In case you do not know, ex-Major Nidal Hasan has been sentenced to death for his crimes.

Before the sentencing, questions arose from an Army psychiatrist about the "wisdom" of a death penalty sentence. He appeared to see it as something else — martyrdom. In other words, the psychiatrist worried that we might be giving Hasan what he wanted.

There are always people who give some reason why someone should not be executed. The reason given for Hasan is just another one of them. The one most often stated is the fallibility of our court system. Another is that we simply do not have the right to take a life. Another is that life in prison is a greater punishment. All of which brings up a question:

Are there times when the state — which is all of us, of course — has the right, and perhaps even the duty, to execute a criminal? Or are those who oppose capital punishment correct?


Pat Randall 3 years, 3 months ago

If it was proved beyond a doubt he was the killer, why should the taxpayers pay for his, home, food, clothes, medical care and whatever else he would get in prison for free because he killed people. How much does it cost a year for a prisoner? We have to have prisons, guards, other employees beside the things I already mentioned. Stop using psychiatrist to let killers go free to kill again or stay alive costing money for good tax paying people. Lets help the hungry children or animals with that money.


Tom Garrett 3 years, 3 months ago


I agree with you entirely. I sincerely believe that where there is no question about the inherent fairness of a system which runs on "a life for a life" — as long as the crime is actual deliberate murder, not the hype and tripe we see today. My God! What a lousy system we have! There's some father being charged by Scottsdale for first degree murder for leaving his kid in the car. Quick summary of case. Guy gets up late, is sure he will be fired if late for work, doesn't drop kid off at care center, leaves him in car with a/c on, comes back at lunch, kid is fine, car is cool and in shade, leaves a/c off for two hours, comes back, kid has vomited and is not looking good, guy instead of hiding fact that kid was in car immediately calls for medical help, kid dies, no one as yet knows why but guys is charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER. With our system and any women on jury he will be convicted and eligible for death penalty. Where is the deliberate intent to kill? System is out of control, or worse: in control of idiots and grandstanders.


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