403 Can you see the two truths hidden behind this...uh, news report?


Tom Garrett 3 years, 3 months ago

Guess what you can treated for now?

Internet addiction.

Yes, really!

I saw an article on Reuters with a title that truly startled me. "Brick-and-mortar clinics treat Internet addicts." But as soon as I read the article — skip read it, I should say — I learned something about the article itself.

Anyway, some clever psychologist in Pennsylvania has opened an internet addiction clinic.

Dr. Kimberly Young, the psychologist who heads the new program at Bradford Regional Medical Center, a public hospital about 160 miles north of Pittsburgh, said that since 1994 she has privately treated thousands of people who cannot control their online activity.

"A lot of countries do prevention and education surrounding the issue, and we Americans are just starting to think in those terms," Young said.

South Korea and China are leaders in this treatment field, she said.

With about 75 percent of U.S. adults online, Young called the Internet a "new outlet for traditional addictions" including pornography, shopping and gambling.

I have a comment, but I'll hold it because I suspect that anyone reading that last paragraph can see a truth staring out of it.

And another truth jumped out at me as I read this paragraph: "Out-of-pocket costs for Internet addiction treatment can range from upwards of $8,000 for outpatient services and more than $14,000 for inpatient options."

Anybody see what I'm talking about?

I don't think those clinics have much to do with "brick and mortar."

Do you? No? So what ARE they about?


Tom Garrett 3 years, 3 months ago

I have a great idea for addictions that need treatment.

• The slice-a the baloney too thin addiction.

• The charge-a too much-a money for therapy addiction.

• The quit-a graduating-a bubble-heads-a addiction.


Pat Randall 3 years, 3 months ago

I don't know how they would be treated as long as there is a computer they can get to. I think it terrible how many kids spend most of their free time playing games or whatever it is they do with the computer. I think that is one of the reasons for a lot of the obesity in kids. They don't get any exercise for their brain or body. No required PE in school, ride home and stay in front of the computer until time to eat and go to bed. Then they have their phone or whatever it is to text with. We are raising speechless fat kids that know nothing except how to push buttons. You can't read their handwriting. They can't spell, use the spell check doing homework on a computer. I have a grand child that started on a computer at about 4 1/2 yrs. old and great grandkids the same way.
I was 70 before I ever touched one. Yes, I do spend a lot of time with it, because I can not walk or stand to do things I would rather be doing. That's my first rant of the day.


Tom Garrett 3 years, 3 months ago

Right, Pat.

There's nothing better than being able to go out on the met and find out something in five minutes that would have taken weeks before — if you could do it at all. But the image of fat kids sitting around doing nothing but play games all day is not a pretty one.

What I do not get is why kids are so different? We could hardly wait to get outside each day. We anted to DO something. If my mother had made me stay in all day and type on some machine I would probably have run away.

Why are kids so different?

As to it being an addiction and needed expensive therapy, that's a lot of self-serving baloney. The psychologist pushing all this talks about "pornography, shopping and gambling" as something that can be blamed on the internet. My comment is baloney! They were there before the internet ever existed; the internet is no more at fault than a car is at fault if someone uses it to roll along a curb and make eyes at women. It's the jerk making the eyes that's at fault, not the car!

Just a way of making money. If you take away the car the jerk will just find another way of making a pain of himself. Same thing with a computer. It's not the machine at fault; as we used to say, "It's the nut that holds the steering wheel."

Shouldn't there be some way to stop people from peddling trash like that?


Pat Randall 3 years, 3 months ago

Tom, What would you do without your computer? My cousin and I were talking the other night. Little girls don't play with jacks, jump rope, or play hop scotch anymore. Boys don't play with marbles, toy cars and trucks or play in the dirt. Cap guns or any other kind of play guns are a no no. They don't know what they are missing. When my kids were growing up they were always outside doing something. They very seldom watched TV. Of course the kids can't run loose now days for fear of someone grabbing them and hauling them off. Too bad they can't go back 60 yrs. ago and see what fun we had here in Payson. No theaters, bowling alleys, parks or any of the entertainment they have now. But we thought we were having a great time. Oh I forgot about card games and Monopoly. Tag, hide and seek. Now all they do is sit and push buttons on the computer or cell phones.


Tom Garrett 3 years, 3 months ago

"Tom, What would you do without your computer?"

I agree with what you are saying, Pat.

In the first place, this is a phony program dreamt up by someone who wants to make money. A computer is — by definition — the "universal tool." It is not a toy, and was never intended to be a toy. It is a work machine. And for some greedy, boneheaded psychologist to point at a computer and say that it is to blame for what people do is as stupid as saying that guns should be done away with because people occasionally use them improperly.

The logic is the same. Why not just collect up all the computers?

I can tell you the exact reason why kids do not play with jacks or toy cars anymore. Can you guess what I am going to say?

Think about it folks. It's not only obvious; it is statistically true.

The reason? Because parents buy the toys and they do not buy jacks, toy cars, jump ropes, and marbles. If they did, kids would be right out there playing with them.

It's just that simple. If you don't buy a kid a bat and ball, how can you expect him to play baseball?

I have a relative who groaned at me one day about her kids not playing outside enough. I asked her if she ever bought them anything to play outside WITH. She got all huffy. "Oh, they wouldn't use them if I did!"

Guess what I did?

My reward was to lose a relative as a friend. Why? The comment came back to me. "Oh, he just had to prove he was right! And look at these clothes! All dirty and sweaty! Is he going to come and wash them?"

The kids loved the toys. They just weren't getting them.

It's not the kids who are fault. It's the parents, added to the daytime TV programs that lure kids in at the exact time they get home from school. Shut the %$#@! TV off, tell the kids to get outside, give them something to do, and it will change. And quit buying them %$#@! game modules that teach nothing but brainlessness.

There's a good side to computers too. Teach your kids to use them as things to research with and to write themes on and watch their school grades go up.


Pat Randall 3 years, 3 months ago

Tom, Several years ago I tried to find some marbles and there were none in the stores. I bet there aren't any jacks or toy guns either.


Bernice Winandy 3 years, 3 months ago

Pat, my daughter-in-law deals in antiques/resale. I few years ago ( about 1-2 yrs) she was able to buy marbles by the pound. She would fill up an old quart mason jar with marbles tie it up with that rafia ribbon and sell it for a nice profit. If I remember correctly she bought them at some kind of a fair. Mind can't recall the type of fair, but anyway she had oodles of marbles.

I have a question for your guys. The article "County closes books on Pine Creek Canyon Road. I can't get back into the article. Did it say anything about the total cost of the project and tell exactly much the project cost? Just curious, especially since I can't get back into the article. They won't even let me answer the questions.


Pat Randall 3 years, 3 months ago

Bernice, I don't remember why I was looking for marbles but found a bucket of them at a carport sale for 50 cents. They are sitting in the garage right now. I think one of my great grandsons wanted some for something but can't remember which one it was. I need a tape recorder around my neck at all times so I can go back and find out my thoughts and conversations for the day. (:

As for not being able to find something on here. There are to many different places to make comments. One place for each post would help a lot. I know I have gone back to find something and it is very time consuming and I usually can't find it anyhow.


Bernice Winandy 3 years, 3 months ago

Pat, I am so happy that someone besides me has problems remembering :-)


Tom Garrett 3 years, 3 months ago


Have you tried going to the top of this page and clicking on "NEWS?"

If you are having troubles using the online Roundup I suggest you call the Roundup, or click on John's name on any string and send him a short message telling him about the problem you are experiencing. Sometimes it's just a matter of clicking in the right place.

Here's the answer to your question. I had not read the article yet and as surprised at the low cost of the project compared to the huge numbers I usually see when ADOT does something.

"As the county supervisors closed the books on it at the board’s Oct. 1 meeting, it was noted the project cost a total of $1.43 million."


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