498 The Question Is... Reality.


Tom Garrett 3 years ago

I ran across something that is no doubt a sign of the crazy times we live in.

Here's a link to a face. Click on it, and while you're there ask yourself three questions:

  1. Does this person look familiar?

  2. Would you like to meet her?

  3. Who do you think she is?


Guess what? You don't know this person, and even if you would like to meet her you can't — because she doesn't exist.

That's right. That is not a picture of a person.

Look again if you like. It seems almost impossible that it is not a picture of someone, doesn't it? To me, that picture is as real and as vibrantly alive as anything I have ever seen.

Nevertheless, the person does not exist.

It is the "average of 15 attractive female faces blended together." Credit: The Face Research Lab.

Go here if you want more information.


The Question Is....

With the current computer ability to morph images, how do we know if anything we are seeing is real?


Ronald Hamric 3 years ago

Just to demonstrate your point about your eyes deceiving you, take a look at this optical illusion.



Pat Randall 3 years ago

Tom, I have asked the question many times, did our astronauts really land on the moon in 1969?


Tom Garrett 3 years ago

Sorry, Ron, couldn't do it. Tried it, but as always Huffington crashed my Mac browser (Safari). I'm not kidding, by the way. Both NBC News and Huffington crash Safari every time I try to access them. It used to only be NBC News, but Huffington does it now too.

You suppose Huffington joined in to get some kind of political revenge?

I believe you, though. How could I not? The face on that link I put up looks as human to me as anything I have ever seen. In fact, there are a few faces I've seen that look a whole lot less human.

Pat, I saw that myself on television about the time that Lolly and I and the kids arrived in England. And gee! Would anybody doubt what they see on TV? They even have reality programs now.

That was over in England too, and they are very careful what people watch over there in England. You have to buy a license to watch TV, and they have a black van with a rotating loop antenna on top of it that comes around — even on an American Air Force Base — and checks what you're watching. It has something to do with getting you "from the cradle to the grave," or something like that.


Tom Garrett 3 years ago


I finally got to see the optical illusion. Amazing, isn't it?

I can see some things coming in the future out of the use of lasers and holography. Imagine a battlefield where a tank appears out of nowhere. Or consider that soldiers would do if they spotted an image of enemy troops coming at them from behind them.

For one thing, they might stand up and run.

And bingo...!

Could it be done? Maybe. Imagine this....

At night, a small, silent drone drops into place behind the lines. Part of the drone is a large, flat disc powered by a small motor that can rotate it. At just the right moment, the drone is activated by a controller on the other side of the front line. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere a three dimensional enemy tank appears behind you, along with all the clanking and engine sounds of a tank. The image is small at first, but gets larger and larger and noisier and noisier as it comes right at you. You smell engine fumes. The sound of enemy voices come out of the night. Are you going to wait around to find out if the tank and the men with it are going to roll right over you?

The very first holograph I ever saw was one that was created on an ordinary record turntable. Looked very real to me.


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