504 What question does this raise in your mind?


Tom Garrett 3 years ago

I'm going to tell you what I just read in a Reuters article. It immediately left me with a question in my mind. I'm curious whether some of you will have the same question I did.

David Amaya Barrick was taken from Chicago to Mexico when he was three by his father, where he was left with his paternal grandparents and grew up in the north-central Mexican state of San Luis Potosi, seeing his father a few times. In his late teens he went to Monterrey, where he studied music.

Last week, at age 37, he illegally crossed into California from Mexico with some other aliens and was arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol and detained in San Diego. He told Border Patrol agents he was born in a Chicago hospital and is a U.S. citizen. They checked, found his birth certificate, contacted Kathy Amaya, his mother, in Wisconsin, who verified his story, put the two of them in contact, and released him.

Then he just disappeared. His mother called San Diego police in a panic. Finally, they found him.

He says he tried getting into shelters but they turned him away; then he tried a church called Minesterios Llamada Final, where church officials are trying to arrange a reunion with his mother.

My question about all this is....?

Can you guess what I am wondering?


John Lemon 3 years ago

Tom, Your story noted that he passed into the U.S. "Illegally". Since he is a native -born citizen, how can that be? "Guess what I am wondering?" I don't know. I am wondering what the fuss is about .As a citizen he has the right to go where he pleases and meet with his mother or not as he chooses. Let him be and bless his wandering heart :)


Tom Garrett 3 years ago

Pat, he DID enter the country illegally. He sneaked across the border with other illegals. He broke laws that YOU would be arrested for when he did not:

a. Enter through a port of entry. b. Present himself to a border patrol agent. c. Get cleared to pass through. d. Have his luggage checked for illicit material. e. Have a passport, which he could easily have obtained in Mexico at the American embassy.

In truth, if the border patrol wasn't so lax, as it is now under Obama because he is wooing votes Hispanic votes, he would have been arrested even if he were an American citizen because he broke about a half dozen laws. A few years ago, under an American president, he would have spent some time in prison.

My question is this: If he is so all-fired proud of being an American citizen, why didn't he go straight to the American embassy, and then to the border as soon as was old enough to be on his own? And why did he just disappear after the border patrol set it up for him to see his mother?

My guess? He sees himself as Mexican, not American. He may even have been passing back and forth across the border for some time, perhaps on drug runs, and saving his American citizenship as a backup in case he got caught. Now he's stuck. He doesn't want to stay here, but he is no longer welcome in the place he thinks of as home.


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