692 Can You Explain...? Burro killings.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 9 months ago

According to NPR, several of the burros in the wild herds here in Arizona have been killed over the years. In fact, NPR portrayed 18 burro killings which have occurred over the past five years as some kind of mass murder. And yes, they actually used the term "murder."

While that seems a bit extreme, it's hard to understand why burros are being shot. Maybe you have some idea.

Here are the facts:

January 2014: "...two from the Lake Pleasant herd..."

2012: "...five burros were killed in one day." Location not cited.

2009: "...Eleven were shot." Location not cited. Time between shootings not cited.

An interesting aside is the fact while NPR's headline cites 18 killings, that totals 19, but I guess we can let that go. :-)

The burros are descended from pack animals that prospectors and others brought with them, and are now the concern of the Bureau of Land Management.

I know that 18 (or 19) burros in five years is only four or less each year, and is not a world class tragedy. There are over 2,200 wild burros in Arizona alone, and thousands more elsewhere. Furthermore, BLM manages the herds and culls the sick and old, destroying them. Also, you can buy a wild horse or burro for $125 or a "trained" burro for $200.


Can You Explain....?

Why do people shoot them?


Pat Randall 2 years, 9 months ago

To keep them off their property? We were living in Lake Havasu City the summer of 1969 and going in to Kingman there were burros, donkeys or whatever every where. Starving, thirsty, and breeding more. No one wants them, they are a nuisance. If BLM is really managing them, they should get rid of all of them that no one adopts NOW. If they are adopted like the horses were years ago, you can never get rid of them. Once they are adopted they stay with you until they die of old age. Think of how much money it cost for man power and feed when they have to pen them up and feed them to keep them alive. Just another dumb govt. job. Lets feed people instead.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 9 months ago

Ah, I see. You know something? Every once in a while something comes up which is a strictly western problem and I know nothing about it.

Yes, I can see where they would be a problem. And 2,200 of them in Arizona could be a BIG problem because there isn't enough good grazing for them, the herds of wild horses, the elk and deer, and cattle as well. We all know that animals require water, and that the open ranges centered around water holes. There had to be some hidden agenda when BLM and the Forest Service began making it almost impossible to raise cattle anymore. Now I see what it was. Not just the wild animals, but the feral leftovers from the past. They are getting preference over ranching.

How right is that?


Tom Garrett 2 years, 9 months ago

Well, I'll be! I would have sworn you'd be on the side of cattle raising instead of wild horses and burros. I guess you never know, do you?

At least I never do. :-)


Pat Randall 2 years, 8 months ago

Tom, Sorry I wrote that wrong. See the computer runs my life. (: I am all for cattle grazing and the ranchers not a bunch of worthless burros, donkeys and horses running around eating everything. Then when the feed is all gone the FS and BLM gather them up and feed them.


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