714 The Question Is.... Poetic justice.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 9 months ago

Robert Yates is a serial killer. He pleaded guilty to 13 counts of murder in order to avoid the death penalty. The plea was offered to him so that several families would at last know what happened to their loved ones.

Under the plea agreement, Yates was sentenced to 408 years in prison after the consecutive sentences for the additional charges were added.

The agreement included a no-appeal clause, as usually do such plea agreements. Nevertheless, Yates appealed his sentence on a minor technicality, and the Washington State Supreme Court has ruled that he is correct and his sentence was wrongly imposed.

However, Yates is under a death penalty sentence for two separate murder convictions in Pierce County handed down after he was sentenced on the Spokane County agreement, and the court has also ruled that now that he has broken the no-appeal agreement in his plea bargain he is eligible for the death sentence.

The Question Is....

Could it happen? Could poetic justice happen just this one time?


Pat Randall 2 years, 9 months ago

There should not be plea agreements for anything. Either you are guilty of something or not. Don't change the crime. Murder is a death sentence period.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 9 months ago

Right, Susan. It seems off to hope that someone dies, but that's the way i think most people would feel — and rightly so in my opinion.

By and large, Pat, I agree. It may save money for trails, and it may on occasion do what this plea bargain did — let some people know where their loved ones went — but I believe it an abused practice. I don't plan to go into why I say that; I think everyone already knows.


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