764 The Question Is.... Why not?


Tom Garrett 2 years, 9 months ago

This string was supposed to be about some crooked politician over in California who's getting what he deserves.

Well, part of it at least. They aren't going to shoot him.

Instead, it's 6:29 p. m. on Thursday, April 24, 2014, and I thought we'd talk about something more important.

I just came in the back door. I was out in the new storage building I built for Lolly — new in 2005, that is.

I was on the inversion table stretching my back to see what I could do about my sciatica, which is getting better — I think. I had just gotten on the table and was hanging there upside down when I saw a small fly on the window next to my left eyeball.

He interested me because he was in between the window and the outside screen, an unlikely place. How did he get there? Don't ask me. That window hasn't been opened in five years, and there are no holes in the screen.

Anyway, there he was, trapped and obviously going to die. He was doing his best to get out. He was doing everything a fly can do. Sometimes he walked up the screen. Sometimes he flew a little. That's about the whole repertoire for a fly.

So I got off the table, went over and opened the door so there would be a nice big brightly lighted opening to the outside. Then I opened the window and tried to shoo the fly off the screen. No soap. He hid down in one of the small spaces at the bottom of the screen, so I had to take out my little pocketknife and bring it close enough to him so he thought that maybe flying was good idea.

Out the door he went.

End of story?

Not quite.

I then noticed that two more flies had come in sometime during the day and were doing the usual fly thing — beating their brains out on the other window instead of flying out the now open door. It took ten minutes to catch them one at a time (I can do that; I am very good at catching flies).

I put them outside to play.


The Question Is....

Why did I do all that?

You know what? The only one answer I have is....

Why not?

Maybe you know why.

It's now 6:43. I'll post this.


Bernice Winandy 2 years, 9 months ago

:-) You were trying to redeem yourself by finally doing something useful.

Actually you were probably just filling some empty time -- which actually is more useful than sitting around (or hanging upside down) and brooding. :-)


John Lemon 2 years, 9 months ago

Tom, The scene reminds me of my nephew's teenage son. One day he was pondering the experience of ants v. magnifying glass (poor little ants) and he came upon the thought of Self as God. I offered the alternate thought that in his case it could be Self as Psychotic. :) In your instance I will not hazard a guess as to why you did what you did. Perhaps it was an instance to demonstrate that human beings, with all of our faults, can demonstrate kindness and mercy to our fellow travelers. We are connected, aren't we.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 9 months ago

"Perhaps it was an instance to demonstrate that human beings, with all of our faults, can demonstrate kindness and mercy to our fellow travelers.'

I guess that's it.

It's nothing new for me. I do things like that all the time.

In my classroom down in Mesa the cleaning people used to leave the doors open in the evening while they cleaned the rooms. The doors opened to the outside, it was dark, and insects fly to the light, so every morning I'd come in and see at least five or six flies sitting on the desks. Sometimes it was as many as a dozen or so.

Back in Pakistan in 1959 through 61 there was no shortage of flies. Perhaps that;w why a good Muslim friend of mine knew how to catch flies. I don't know. But he showed me a couple of things. One is that you can catch a fly by just slowly moving up behind it and catching it between two fingers. The other thing was that it is useless trying to snatch up a fly with a swoop of a hand. Won't work. The fly will always get away. But if you slowly move your open hand up behind the fly, and then suddenly jer it forward and close it you will have — ta! ta! — a captured fly.

I now know why that is. Flies have compound eyes and can only see movement. Anyway, i used to come in every morning, capture the flies one at a time, and put them outside to play.

Why? Who knows? Because I could.

These days we don;t get flies in the house but Pine is the spider capital of the world. And yes, I catch them and put them outside. Not in my hand though; they are easy to catch in a glass — very slow, and tend to just crouch down and hope for the best.

"Tom, You stayed upside down to long."

That could be true too.

"You were trying to redeem yourself by finally doing something useful.'

Yeah. Can't work on this crazy forum all the time. :-)

The truth? I often think how little time a bug has in this world, and I just don't feel like making it any shorter.

We can't do a hell of a lot about most things, so I do what I can do.

(Now go over to another string (there have been many, and is one right now) and see how I feel about humans, who by and large have a large size brain, understand a lot about this world, have it a lot easier than other living things, and have a choice about how they live their lives.)


Pat Randall 2 years, 9 months ago

Tom, Do you save Black Widow spiders. scorpions and rattlesnakes?


Tom Garrett 2 years, 9 months ago

"Tom, Do you save Black Widow spiders. scorpions and rattlesnakes?"


Black widows? Had a million of them around the base of the house when we first bought it. For them, I used malathion. Took a couple of years, but I haven't seen one in — oh — 15 or 16 years. Malathion is good stuff, but don't spill it on you. It's absorbed straight through the skin and is not particular about who it kills. Before we had malathion we had parathion. Had to take it off the market; country was losing as many farmers as bugs.

Scorpions? Only had one so far. Poor dummy came walking (strolling actually; he didn't look too concerned aboiut anything) across my kitchen floor one evening. Didn't even hide in the shadows; just brazenly sauntered across the center of the floor. He didn't look too well, so I referred him to Doctor Boot, who diagnosed his problem as having lived beyond his years.

Rattlesnakes? Been just one. Poor guy had an unfortunate run-in with a machete I was using at the time. Too bad. He might have been all right if he hadn't lost his head.

And yes, though it may not seem like it at times I am human. :-)


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