832 A workable solution for Obamillegals!


Tom Garrett 2 years, 7 months ago

I read this with steam coming out of my ears.

"According to the Andrew Wilder, a spokesperson for Governor Brewer, reports that the flow of immigrants into Arizona were ceasing are untrue.

"Wilder says the Governor’s Office had its first contact with federal immigration officials Friday since the drop-offs started.

"Last weekend, the Governor was informed nearly 1,200 more undocumented immigrants were expected to be transported to Arizona over the weekend.

"Most unaccompanied minors will be taken to a detention facility in Nogales for vaccinations and health screenings.

"Wilder said from there, the children will be taken to military bases where they will be held for up to four months, but there are no definite plans after that time period."

I was so mad that I was ready to say that we should put them on buses and send them to DC, but there's a better solution.

Here it is:

  1. Elect a Republican Congress and President who run on the iron-clad promise that an immigrant reform bill will be passed stating that, "In the face of prima facie evidence that a person has illegally entered the United States from another nation within the past 90 days, that person will be fingerprinted and photographed as a form of permanent identification, and will then be placed back in the territory of the nation from which he arrived."

  2. Also, "Appeals for asylum must be made through the American Embassy in the nation of origin prior to entry into the United States, and anyone who crosses the borders of the United States without an approved appeal will be treated as an illegal immigrant and immediately placed back across the border of the nation from which he or she arrived."

  3. The penalty for a second illegal crossing into the United States will be 5 years in prison. A treaty will be signed with any Latin American nation other than Mexico to house second offenders in its prisons for a given fee per head.

  4. The law will give the Border Patrol just 24 hours in which to comply with it in each case, with no form of appeal or delay permitted other than for immediate emergency medical treatment, after which deportation across the border will proceed without delay.

  5. The law will advertised around the world. Also advertise will be the fact that the United States welcomes people who apply for and obtain legal immigrant visas, and will also help those who deserve asylum, but will immediately deport all other persons without delay or appeal.

In 90 days the flow of illegals across our borders will no longer be a problem, and if you think for one minute we can't elect a President and Congress running on the platform that they will write that law, think again!

Obama has pushed this issue too far. He has destroyed any doubt about the outcome of an single issue election based on this issue.

Go! Go! Go! GOP! You want my vote? Now you know how to get it!


Robbin Flowers 2 years, 6 months ago

Tom, "The penalty for a second illegal crossing into the United States will be 5 years in prison. A treaty will be signed with any Latin American nation other than Mexico to house second offenders in its prisons for a given fee per head."

How is that fee going to be collected? 5 years in prison, that is approximately 100k per year x 5 years = 1/2 million bucks.

There has to be a more cost effective way. The Federal Government either doesn't have the ability to enforce the current immigration laws in mass or they elect not to. Destabilizing countries via the "War on Drugs" is the root cause. This is great for corporate America, lot's of fresh cheep labor.


Ronald Hamric 2 years, 7 months ago

Tom, I really do admire your continual optimism. Sadly, it appears that I get proven right about my take on things more and more every day. This is all about politics and politics in America, and I sense it is the same everywhere else, is literally a cesspool of greed, lies, and self interests. Period! It makes no difference whether it is either of our two current parties, they can fairly well be second guessed as to their efforts towards any major socio/political issue confronting this once great nation. Democrats (progressive/socialists is a more pertinent description of that party today) have literally "owned" the African Americans in this country since shortly after the Civil War. They can read the tea leaves as well as anyone and are acutely aware that with the current border situation of the last couple of decades, that the Hispanic population will soon be the dominant demographic in this nation (already is in some states). They want to tie those folks allegiance to their party in the same fashion they secured the African Americans in this country.Just like LBJ stated in private when he signed the Civil Rights Act into law, "We'll have those black folks (he used the "N" word) voting Democrat for the next 200 years!" Who knowingly "bites the hand that feeds them?" Few. The GOP has taken note of the Dem's approach and methods and are themselves patronizing the Hispanic voters in an attempt to even remain politically viable. Won't work in my estimation and if you do not already speak Spanish or Chinese as a second language, you would be well advised to start taking lessons.

Tom, this is all about political power and preservation. They will literally destroy this nation towards that end and WE will sit idly by and let them. Some would say "Well Ron, why don't you leave if things are so bad?" Truly, in today's world where would one go that they would not find similar or worse conditions than we are witnessing now in our time? There is simply no place to run. Time to stand and fight to reclaim our great country, or die in the process. It's not like we cannot recognize our enemy. They are all too apparent.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 7 months ago


I don't disagree with your summary of the situation.

What I am saying is this: There are more people in this nation who want a permanent solution to the illegal problem than who don't. If we push a grassroots campaign to force the issue on the GOP they will have no choice to run on it, and having run on it to do what they swore they would do. It may be cynical to operate that way, but it would work, a major problem would be gone, and the lesson would be learned.

The alternative is to sit and take it. That we can't do.


Ronald Hamric 2 years, 7 months ago


Perhaps it's time for another "Contract With America", approach. One paragraph in the contract, and all it would have to say is ," We will reestablish the security of all our borders and the sovereignty of this nation!". "Those who have and will enter this nation outside existing laws, will be sent back to their original country, at that countries expense."
Do you honestly believe that someone who has enough financial backing to run for elective Federal office would ever take such a position? Not any that I see in the current mix.


dale kasl 2 years, 7 months ago

We don't need immigration reform.Just send all illegals home and don't give them driver licenses here or anything free.


Bernice Winandy 2 years, 7 months ago

Tom, your suggestion that electing a Republican Congress and President to solve the immigration problem is simplistic. What the country needs are elected officials that want to serve the people and do what is good for the country. We currently have people involved who are much too interested in getting re-elected and doing what is good for number 1 rather than what is good for the country as a whole. The problem of "me first" is systemic. Look no further than Arizona state and local government. It is the same systemic problem that allowed the VA mess to be created.

I will say no more on this topic.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 7 months ago

I'll tell you what, if we don't jump on this right now — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents together, we are going to have to live with an immigration system that isn't just broken, but which has been used to wreck the nation and make the Second Revolution inevitable.

You want that, Bernice? Ron? Pat? Kim? Dale? Anyone?

Does anyone out there want it?


Well, this is our chance. Obama has gone too far this time. We've got him and the rest of the crooked politicians right where we want them. We have an issue which transcends all others, an issue which is non-partisan, and which cannot be hidden away or excused with sound bites.

The question of the securing of our borders is not a partisan issue. It is an issue which every American wants resolved. And we have a target to aim our votes at — anyone in DC who doesn't vote to do it. Why would we sit back and take it? Is that the best we can do? Just sit back, say, "Oh, I give up! Let the crooks take over country and let our kid's kids fight the Second Revolution?"

The national media, usually friendly to Obama, is criticizing him for having failed to follow the law, for allowing people to stay here who should have been immediately deported, for abusing his powers, for creating a problem of such immense proportions along our southern border that the Border Patrol is frankly admitting they can no longer stop the flow.

The governors of border states are calling for the federal government to call out the National Guard to stop the flow of illegals. There are so many of them that we don't even have room to house them. The whole world is reporting that America's borders are broken.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 7 months ago

But this is not the worst of it. The worst is yet to come. I ask you to imagine the tidal wave of illegals who are packing their bags and heading our way right this minute, knowing that we are unable to find the willpower to stop them. You think things are bad now? Wait two months. Watch as they stream across our southern border nigh and day, flooding the streets of our cities with such vast numbers of aliens that it would take a decade to ferret them out — something which will never happen.

Look around you. Listen to the news. The whole nation is in an uproar. This is our chance to settle this issue once and for all. If we don't grab it there will never be another chance like it.

I don't go along with the "Oh, we can't do anything because the system is broken, both parties are corrupt, and the only thing left for us to do is to have another revolution" belief. I think we can take our problems and solve them one at a time — if we don't just give up and go down waving the flag and making excuses.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong our system — or with either party, for that matter — except that we have allowed power-hungry extremists to take over both parties. The way to fix that is to use this God-given issue as a hammer, and the next two elections as an anvil.

When news outlets all across the nation are in such shock over what is happening it is obvious that this issue has surged across party lines, giving us a chance to control our destiny NOW, not 25 years from now when it's too late. I say, write your congressman, flood his email, choke his phone lines, make it plain that you will vote for he who rids us of this cancer.

Do it now!

Or live with a cancer-ridden system that will slowly grind to a halt in ten or twenty years, because this issue, and this issue alone, if not handled, is all the proof the crooks need to finally convince them that we are easy, soft, a nation of lemmings unwilling to cross party lines in our voting.

It's a choice. What's it going to be? Votes now or guns in 25 years?


Ronald Hamric 2 years, 7 months ago

Tom, One need only observe what has taken place in Europe regarding uncontrolled immigration to see what is in store for America if this is not dealt with rapidly and forcefully. The bleeding hearts of the world can surely find some place or someone right here in America who better deserves their compassion than those who break the law for whatever reason. As to your question about the 2nd revolution, I don't want it but at some level I see it as inevitable and necessary.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 6 months ago

You're right in both cases, Ron.

"...what is in store for America if this is not dealt with rapidly and forcefully."

We either deal with it now or we turn over the nation to illegals.

"As to your question about the 2nd revolution...."

We didn't want the first revolution, did we? But we had it.

I look around and I see very few Americans who are not a couple of hundred percent better off than we were back in the days of my childhood. I see no one hungry, no one sick and uncared for, and no one really suffering and uncared for.

I look around the world and see a world which is far better off materially now than it has ever been. I look around and see a world which is not engaged in a war to the death as it has been twice in the past hundred years. I see a chance for real peace.

Mind you, because of the ability for people to travel, I see things spilling over from what I frankly consider to be regions where the thinking is fanatic, one-sided, outside anything in the normal range.

I just recently read a book about the Islamic world, written by a genuine expert for a change. He points out that unlike Christianity, where the separation of state and church were clearly taught by Jesus as the right path to truth and justice, the teaching of Mohammed makes it very clear that religion and law are one and the same. For most of the years between 640 AD and 1920 or so there was no separation between the two in those lands; most Muslims lived in a world in which religion and government were one and the same. The Koran says that is as it should be. That, plus infighting between sects, is still a major problem today for us because the ability to travel allows the effect of things that have nothing to do with us it to spread from there to here.

I only mentioned that last part to point out that when we try to interfere in the Islamic world we are taking on more that most people realize. The conflict there is not related to us except in a very narrow way. We need to more accurately weigh the consequences of getting involved.

Back to the original thought: We are not so bad off.

So where's the need for revolution? Is there one? Sadly, the answer is yes — unless some things are reversed. Why? We humans are odd animals. We place freedom and liberty ahead of all else. We can be well fed, well clothed, warm, and comfortable, but we will fight and die for ideals.

Could we perhaps teach our "leaders" that simple truth? Could we find a way to wrest control from their hands before it becomes necessary to get rid of them?

I'd sure like to think so.

But here's the great danger at present: If illegal immigration is allowed to continue there will no longer be a "we." We will become "them," the ones with the outmoded morals and beliefs. Then the revolution will become a civil war.

It would be so much better to just take back the government at the ballot box, but where is the man to speak the truth to us so we can follow him?


Ronald Hamric 2 years, 6 months ago


As is oft the case, when one mentions "revolution" in the context in which we are, folks envision armed conflict with citizen against whomever. I sense that it doesn't have to take that form. Yes, I know there are the "from my cold, dead hands" mentality out there and if I don't manage to get a handle on my emotions on occasion, I would fall into that group. I'm not sure just what the flash point would have to reflect, for the majority of America's typically law abiding citizens, to take to the streets and demand that so much that has been done to distance us from our founding principles, be corrected and the current "New/One World Order" mentality be put to rest.

Cultures are at one moment being reinforced in countries, where in the past those "foreign" cultures typically assimilated into the character of their new found/chosen homeland. And the anger that is mounting over this "I want my cake and eat it too" mentality is ever more obvious. I simply do not know if "National Sovereignty" or National Identity is something most Americans even care about. Especially to the point that they will take, what many would deem extreme measures, to protect it. It seems that national identity is no longer of any value to the last couple of generations who were fed the whole One World Order concept. In all honesty, except for a small percentage, I don't think many Americans today have enough spine to actually fight for what this country was and can once again be. They are simply too focused on self and could care less if the nation goes to hell in a hand basket.


Pat Randall 2 years, 6 months ago

Why is it photographers are always taking pictures of illegals crossing, some with bags of drugs on their backs, but our Border Patrol or National Guard or whoever can't or won't stop them? Follow the photographers and carry a big gun. Use our regular military to stop them. The truth is someone somewhere wants them here. How did all the parents of these kids that are being bussed around get here? They should have had their kids with them.
Why are we housing and feeding them? We have hungry kids right here in Payson. Push them back across the border at Nogales and where ever they are crossing into Texas. If it is illegal to cross the border then shoot if they don't turn around and go back. The Mexicans do that to the people they catch coming north into Mexico.


dale kasl 2 years, 6 months ago

The first priority is build a fence.I heard the price is $22 billion,less than we have spent on solar company disasters.I would cut off all foreign aid.Fine all business's that hire illegals.All belongings,be it a house or car,confiscate and send them out of our country.I guess it's not politically correct to call them illegals,but they are not wanted,but some have been here long enough,their children are graduating from high school and no they want the dream act to pay for them to go to college.I'm more than fed up.Someone with a backbone enforce the law.


Pat Randall 2 years, 6 months ago

I believe it needs to start in towns like Payson. Then move on. I would bet there are at least 200 illegals here in Payson. The kids getting free breakfast and lunch at school and at Community Kids. All of them get free medical. The adults and teenagers working in restaurants, fast food places, the adults do a lot of landscaping. I get so irritated trying to order food at the drive thru places. I may not speak proper english but people can understand what I am saying. At one time there was a landscaper that was doing the work around town hall and half of his employees were not legal. Couldn't understand a word you said to them. The same landscaper did my yard until I realized his workers were illegals and I fired him. There are plenty of citizens that need work. Get them off unemployment and all the freebies they receive. What happened to the rule or law all kids had to show birth certificates and immunization records before they could start school? How do they get drivers license? You now have to give your SS number to get one. Almost anywhere I go anymore I have to show SS card and picture ID. I have three pictures. Drivers license, wedding picture and 25th anniversary picture and I make them look at all of them. My warped mind. (: I was filling out a health questioner last week for a new dr. and they wanted to know where I was born, did I practice my religion, did I have smoke detectors, use seat belts, recent travel, sexual partners in lifetime. primary language, language spoken at home, education, marital status, and who lives with me? What does any of that have to do with my health? Believe me I would never be mistaken for someone south of the border.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 6 months ago

"I'm not sure just what the flash point would have to reflect, for the majority of America's typically law abiding citizens, to take to the streets and demand that so much that has been done to distance us from our founding principles...."

I don't either, Ron, but when Obamacrats start spreading illegals all over the nation instead of shoving them back across the border you'd think it was time people got the point: If you want the nation you were born in to be here next year you better get up on your two hind legs and do something about it!

I'll tell you the truth, if ever there was an example of "divide and conquer" it's what you are seeing today. Washington has got us so polarized between two parties that people focus on arguing with each other instead of with the people who are making their problems.

I would dance in the street if a third party came along and attracted the ordinary people by telling them it was for a return to our basic principles: Equality under the law; freedom of religion, speech, and press; free trade and private property; free and fair elections in which each vote carries equal weight; and maximum individual liberty and choice.

What the hell is so complicated about that?

Wouldn't it be nice to vote FOR someone for a change?

"How did all the parents of these kids that are being bussed around get here?"

It's a new idea that may have been started by Obamacrats, but there's no proof of it yet. The ploy is that since their parents are here we'll cry real tears and let them stay — instead of sending both them and their also illegal parents back home.

Dale, run for president and you'll get my vote!

"What does any of that have to do with my health?"

Nothing. It's just another way of collecting information that is your own business and no one else's.

As for the all the illegals running around, they're obvious, aren't they? If we can see it why is our buddy in the White House so blind?


dale kasl 2 years, 6 months ago

Yes,I'm against illegal immigration.I have been against the IRS and favor a fairtax.I am against Obamacare.I am against commoncore.I am against the United Nations and agenda 21.I am against federal aid.I believe charity starts at home.I would bring the national guard on our borders.It may be unknown to most people,but I was the first one to take out petitions to run for town council.I dropped out when the team jumped in.I had no support,but went to small business's to find out their needs.One charity I really support is Payson Community kids.I got involved and was high bid on 4 chairs for the chair-ish auction.The promises I made were only one term,as I'm 67 years old and my salary from the town council would go to a different charity in town every month and I would have the voters hold me to that or I would quit.I would never speak negative about a fellow candidate.I came to Payson in 1963 and full time in 2005.I worked 40 years for the postal service and I hated when they started promotions to people that deserve them.Politically correct.


Pat Randall 2 years, 6 months ago

Dale, You should have stayed in there. Just because a team jumped in doesn't mean people will vote for all of them. I make my own choices. You might have had more support than you know. Some times people vote for the people they think will do the least harm. (:

I didn't understand your next to last sentence.


dale kasl 2 years, 6 months ago

My sentence meant that the government promotes people to be politically correct,instead of the best person for the job.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 6 months ago

Robbin, when you insert comments right after ones that have already been passed they often get missed. It's better to copy the line you are responding to and put your comment at the end of the string. Not a criticism, just a heads-up for you so that you always get a response.

"How is that fee going to be collected?"

It won't be collected. Once the law is passed the illegals will stay where they belong — in their own %$#@! countries. That's the major problem we have right now. There is no penalty for coming here except this one: "Gee! If we catch ya buddy, sometimes we even send ya back!"

So why not just keep coming back until you make it? If you stay here long enough — say 20 years — some nut in the White House, instead of charging you with 20 counts of illegal whatever, will pat you on the head and make you a citizen.

Anyway, Robbin, you're using the cost of an American prison, not a foreign prison. Here's a link that will show you that if you get imprisoned in Mexico, for example, and are willing and able to pay $6,000 a month, you get beautiful accommodations. Here's a direct quote:

"Sex, drugs, VIP game rooms with fully stocked bars, 3 and 4 room air conditioned “cells”, with refrigerators, microwaves and stoves, living areas with sound systems, and Television/DVD players. In VIP sections there is work out area with equipment and patio areas with tables with umbrellas, and outdoor kitchens and bars. Chef’s and women are brought in for parties."

Now, if you can get all that for $6,000 a month, we could probably buy a regular cell for an illegal for — say — $3,000, a total cost per year of $36,000. The trick is we'd never have to pay it because no one who is sane would sneak across our border with the threat of serving in a regular prison south of the border. I just wouldn't give the bid to Mexico because they'd probably start shipping people across the border to make a buck.

Here's a link. Have fun reading it and looking at the pictures. (PS: We'd put pictures like these up along the border for illegals to see; it would be better than a 60 foot high fence armed with 2000 volts. :-)


Dale, having read the rest of the things you're against you've REALLY got my vote!

"I didn't understand your next to last sentence."

I did. I'm with you on that comment, Dale. We aren't suppose to have a quota system, but we have one.

And run! Why not? 67? You're just a kid! I was born the year that Roosevelt was elected. If I weren't a 24/7 caregiver (been one now for 9 years) I'd run for something, and I'd show people what it's like to listen to someone who speaks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Of course, the shock might cause a lot of heart attacks, but then the population is growing too fast anyway. :-)


dale kasl 2 years, 6 months ago

Have the voters write my name in for office,as its too late to get signatures again.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 6 months ago


Too bad. I hope they are reading this. If not, there's always next time.


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