783 Make-work jobs are no a substitute for real jobs.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 6 months ago

I read something that worried me because it sounded like it came out of the Great Depression.

The WPA, the Works Project Administration, was created to make jobs when there were no jobs during the depression.

It was a good thing at the time. It paid an honest dollar for an honest day's work. The dollar came out of the national budget. It was better than socialism, where the government doles out money. The jobs were useful and productive.

But listen to what Joe Biden recently said in an email:

"Our infrastructure projects -- the roads we pave, the tracks we lay down, the bridges we build -- they bring out the best of us as a country. We build big things. It's our history."

"That happened because our Administration took steps to expedite the permitting process for these kinds of projects. And today, we announced that we're doing the same thing for 11 more accelerated projects -- from Boston's South Station to the Pensacola Bay Bridge."

"If our Congress doesn't act soon, the funding that pays for our transportation projects will run out. The Department of Transportation won't have a dime to go toward more than 112,000 projects happening around the country. Nearly 700,000 good jobs would be at risk."


The correct statement?

Nearly 700,000 make-work jobs will be at risk!

We should not NEED make-work jobs!

If we go back to manufacturing what we need, as we always did in the past, we would have full employment, higher wages, and a better standard of living for everyone. If we continue down the path we are on we will slowly become poorer, and poorer, and poorer as other countries feed off us.

The correct move?

Begin a slow, conservative, but effective move in the opposite direction from what we have now.

• Get Wall Street back under conrol.

• Slap stiff import taxes on goods made overseas which should be made here.

• Ban any product which is subsidized, openly or secretively, by a foreign country, or which was once subsidized for the purpose as of replacing an American industry. Tax out of sight earnings made overseas. Use NAFTA as a weapon to stop illegal immigration by threatening to resign from the agreement if Mexico does not completely stop the flow from and through its territory. Find and send back home every illegal in the nation.

• And get the sliding scale income tax working again! It is the only viable alternative to government regulated price and wage controls.

In other words, bring our jobs home!

But don't do what Joe Biden is doing. Don't talk about raising the national debt to create make-work jobs. That's just pushing the nation farther down the slope on the road to economic ruin. While it may be true that we need jobs, let's get then the right way. We can make anything we need, make it better and longer lasting, and sell it to ourselves at prices we can afford.


Tom Garrett 2 years, 6 months ago

The simple truth is we are now in such bad shape that Washington is now having to create make-work projects to get the jobs numbers up. Consider what that means. No jobs. All the income going to people who put their profits in banks in other counties. No taxes coming in.

How long can we run the country on hot air?


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