845 Should we give arms to Syrian rebels?


Tom Garrett 2 years, 6 months ago

Obama's latest idea — sending arms to Syrian rebels — doesn't seem to make any sense, but maybe I'm wrong.

Here's what I am seeing:

• If we send arms to rebels we are working illegally to undermine the legitimate government of a nation. We may disagree with the way it runs things, but where did we get the authority to arm rebels? Did we like it when the Russians were sending people over here to undermine our government? No? Well, show me the difference. The way to stay out of trouble in the world is to keep your nose out of other people's business.

• Most of the so-called "freedom fighters" in Syria are Al Qaida terrorists. And even if we were to succeed in only sending weapons and ammunition to non-terrorists, how likely is it that they themselves won't share it with the people who are fighting beside them? I don't see any way we can control where the weapons and ammunition go after its on the battlefield.

• Besides which, Syria is the avowed enemy of Al Qaida. Isn't the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

• Also, if the rebels win, what will happen? You want to bet that we'll end up with yet another fanatic Islamic nation like we did when Iran had a revolution? Surely you don't believe that Al Qaida will fail to take over the country the minute that the fighting is over, do you? Then we'll have an all Al Qaida nation. Wonderful! Just what we need.

• Just look at what is happening in Iraq. We went in there — a BIG error — ten years ago and we are still faced with the results of that error. It will happen again in Syria.

• We are not doing Israel any favors by knocking out a government which doesn't dare to give Israel a hard time, and replacing it with one which will immediately begin terrorist activity against Israel.

Where does Obama get these ideas? And where does John Mccain, who supports all this, get his ideas?


Tom Garrett 2 years, 6 months ago

Did you notice who was in the political cartoon in yesterday's Roundup?


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