846 Ready for another "dumb crook" story?


Tom Garrett 2 years, 6 months ago

Over in St. Paul, Minnesota, a man came home and found a screen removed from a side window, his front door unlocked, and his cash, checkbook, credit cards, keys, ipod, and watch gone.

However, the burglar must have had a sense of fairness because he left a few items of his own as a trade.

First came wet jeans, shoes and a belt.

Well, that won't get you much on the market, but....

When the man looked at his computer, which was still there, he saw it was turned on. When he looked at it he saw that it was tuned in to Facebook. And when he looked even closer he saw the burglar had left something else in place of things he had stolen — his Facebook profile. It was sitting open on the screen.

Eying "Nick Dub's" Facebook account, the resident saw a face. The next day he saw the same face on the street (not to mention a familiar looking watch). He called a handy cop over, the cop arrested Nicholas Wig, 26, AKA Nick Dub, searched him and found (a) the watch, (b) the Ipod, and (c) the car keys.

According to the report, the public defender listed as representing Wig could not be reached for immediate comment.

Well, would you be?

It ain't nice to laugh your adze off when talking about your client. :-)

Question: Is this the dumbest one so far?


Tom Garrett 2 years, 6 months ago

A better question: Can you figure out what in the world that bonehead was doing on a computer in the middle of a burglary?


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