Payson Hospital wants to protect us? (:


Pat Randall 4 years, 6 months ago

Don't know if it has reached the Roundup but tomorrow is the last day any kind of tobacco product is allowed to be used on any property owned or leased by Payson Regional Medical Center. Not in your car in the parking lots or anywhere else they own or lease. The care should go down as the employees, Drs. and the nurses will have to leave the hospital grounds and offices owned by them to smoke. Who will be in the ER. wards or offices to answer calls? I understand not smoking in the hospital but who the hell do they think they are to say you cannot smoke in your own car? How will they enforce it? Town Police? What can they do to you? Sue you? Refuse to treat you, or is there some special law that has been passed we don't know about? Govt. wants to tell us what we can eat. If they aren't careful we will be so healthy the medical profession can close down. How will people know about this if they don't get a copy of the Circle News printed by the Senior Circle? Another place you won't be able to smoke in the parking lot. In another 5 years we will be like robots, won't need to think for ourself because we won't have a choice.


Dan Haapala 4 years, 6 months ago

Pat, I believe it's all bogus. My maternal grandfather was born in 1881. He fought in the Spanish/ American war with the rough riders. He smoked cigars. Lived a happy and prosperous life dying 3 days before his 95th birthday in 1976. The smoking thing is BS. The consuming fat thing is BS. The protien diet, the carb diet, the just eat green leaves diet is all BS. If you live, to be a pawn of someone elses reasons for why you live....then you missed the point of life. The most important reason to exist is simple. Become the best person you can be. Give don't take when giving is needed. Take don't give when taking is offered truly and generously. Work.

Work is the purpose for our being. To contribute to the betterment of our fellow man is the single most gratifying and self rewarding thing we can do. Working to get paid to enjoy a self satisfying life, is the reason most people fail to accomplish it. Pat the bottom line is this, as it relates to your post.

Don't tell others what they must do to make you happy, Ask others what you can do to make them happy. Get in that mode and everything changes. :)


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