Muslim woman sues Disney


Kim Chittick 4 years, 5 months ago

I just caught a story about a muslim woman who is suing Disney for the right to wear her hijab (muslim headdress) while she is working. Apparently she had a job in a 1900's themed cafe in Disneyland, and expected to wear the hijab while on duty. She claims that on at least 4 occasions she was harassed, by being called derogatory terms. While I absolutely deplore the harassment; I am equally stunned that this woman believes that she can dictate to her employer her workplace attire. I doubt that the public will ever know the answer to my next question, but, was she wearing the hijab when she interviewed? And was she informed of the costume/workplace attire requiirements? She was offered a position "behind the scenes" where she could wear her hijab, however she refused that option. Disney employees are called "cast members", behind the scenes is called "backstage", workplace attire is called your "costume" which is entirely provided by the company. Tattoos, piercings, abnormal colored (or too long) or unusually cut or styled hair, even too long fingernails are all banned while "in costume". If this woman were an actress and auditioned for a part as a stripper, would she have the right to sue because the producers didn't give her the part because of her refusal to remove the hijab?


Pat Randall 4 years, 5 months ago

Put her in a Mickey Mouse suit and let her walk around all day in the heat without talking. I am sure there is room in it for her hijab. (: Does she have working papers, is a citizen or just another trouble maker? Does she need or even want the job?

Kim, I am sure you don't have the answers, I am venting.


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