Prescription drugs


Pat Randall 4 years, 4 months ago

Lets go back and put the blame where it starts with prescription drugs. You go to a dr. and instead of finding the cause of your pain, they write a prescription for pain drugs. Thats easier, cover the symptom don't find the cause. Then the drug is taken home and left where kids will find it. Some of it sells for high dollar prices illegaly.

Drs and parents better wake before parents blame other kids for what thier kids are doing.

I had a recorded call from a pharmacy this morning telling me my prescription was ready. I called them back to talk to a live person and ask questions. It was some kind of pain medicine. It had my name, my address, and my drs name on it. I called my dr. to find out what was going on as the dr. knows I will not take prescription pain medicine. It was not for me nor from my dr. Someone hit a wrong button on the computer at the pharmacy. If I was the innocent soul I was about 8 yrs ago, I would have picked up the prescription and it may have killed me.

There are 4 other women that live in the area with the same name as mine. Makes it real scarey if you don't check everything, from your medical chart on to any prescription you get.

Please folks check your prescriptions before you leave the counter. I make them let me look at mine before I pay. To many mixups with too many drugs. Go to Tom Garretts blog and read about medications on it.


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