"Sentencing delayed in child abuse case"


Kim Chittick 3 years, 8 months ago

Aaaaarrrrggghhh!!! After reading the story in today's Roundup about this woman who was found guilty of burning her 6 year old daughter with cigarettes, I am livid. In effect, she used her childs hands, arms and legs as an ashtray.

Now, her attorney has asked and received a 2 week delay in sentencing because of some things in the sentencing report that reflected negatively on his client.

Now, honestly, this woman was found guilty by a jury, of committing this heinous crime. Is there any person alive who truly thinks that a negative report from Probation and Child Protective Services, or the Police Department, or the child's father, the womans ex, is going to make anybody think even less of her? How on earth could anybody's opinion of her get any lower?

Now, anybody with even a rudimentary knowledge of Social Services and the children involved, knows that more often than not, a child will nearly always side with the biological parent. The need and instinct for parental love is so strong that a child will invariably stick up for the parent. How horrendous must this poor little girl's life have been for her to finally tell someone what her mommy was doing to her?

Aaaaaarrrrrrggghhh!!!! Gotta go take a blood pressure pill. My head feels like it is going to explode!!!


Pat Randall 3 years, 7 months ago

Why not ask what is wrong with the judge? Why did he delay the sentencing? Wasn't she found guilty by a jury? Why have a jury if the judge is going to do what he/she wants to anyway? There should be a term limit on judges. They get to thinking they are the only ones that know anything and forget about the jury. I don't know why people are not sentenced as soon as a verdict is announced.


Kim Chittick 3 years, 7 months ago

I completely agree with you Pat. I don't know why a person who is found guilty is not sentenced immediately. And while I may not agree with the decision, I understand the judge agreeing to the 2 week delay. It stinks, but there are certain points of law, meant to protect even the guilty, by which judges must abide. The sad thing is, had the judge's decision been the opposite and had he denied the attorney's request for a 2 week delay, there are people who would have accused the judge of "trying to push the accused through the system without due process being followed". This whole case makes me feel sick. This poor little girl who never asked to be brought into this world being so horribly and viciously abused by the very person expected to protect her above all else. There are so many people right now, who would give anything for a baby, a child of their own, to love and nurture, to pamper and care for, and this woman treats her baby girl as an ashtray.


Pat Randall 3 years, 7 months ago

Why weren't the points of law used before closing statements by the prosocutor and defense attorney?
Why not t ask for a new trial or is that what they are doing? We need to spend more money on court appointed attorneys. There are so may loopholes in laws I don't know why we have them. Where is the little girl now? At home with mommie dearest?


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